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  1. Hi, Marionez! Is it possible to make a empty dsdt.aml only with sound definition (and no other devices), so it will suite any motherboard with ALC1200?
  2. Hi everyone! Im looking for notebook on which Mac Lion can be installed the easiest way: all hardware works (better natively or with kexts) and system woks smoothly. Here is so many themes about installation Lion on notebooks that it is almost impossible to read them all.. What to buy? What can you suggest? PS. Well, there might be similar theme in the forum, but i can't find one..
  3. hi! I have 2 hackintoshes: 1. Asus p5ql pro, c2d e7200, gf8800gts512 2. asus p5ql pro, pentum dulacore e6300, gf8400gs512 Latest cham RC5 r568. On first everything works great on second - no video detection, only default 1024x768 resolution Using strings for video GraphicsEnabler=yes - and my second mac even doesn't load! When i'm using PCEFI 10.6 everything is ok... But with first hackintosh everything is OK! What's wrong??? Please, advice!
  4. marionez Is there any solution to get amplifying for mic-in? There is an amplify checkbox in windows driver.. May be you can recommend any solution or an app? Tiwaz, are you sure that your laptop has ALC1200 soundcard? Well, i think it hasn't. So this kext wont work for you. I suggest you to post your problem to VoodooHDA topic - that kext is the only kext, that will work for you. Manu0600 Yes, 5.1 digital output works perfectly with DD and DTS (in video and audioplayer (# VLC or Plex) you should check "use digital output" option). mrsorinel You are probably doing something wrong. You should overwrite origin appleHDA.kext with this one (put it into S\L\E folder) and apply Kexthelper.app. I've got 2 computers with P5QL-PRO - everything works great! nixgear Well, nobody has figured it out yet how to get HDMI working. If you find any solution, please post it here!
  5. TeamViewer not working on 10.6.2

    Yes, TeamViewer works now with this plist (i've edited SN) !! thanks!!!
  6. Hi, Marionez! 10.6.4 is out, can you modify new applehda.kext ? Big thaaanks
  7. big thanks, Marionez! Fast and gret work
  8. Yeah, i know.. I've read all thread and was very disappointed when heard about P5QL Pro has ALC888 ( Here is that post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1134930 I didn't make any dumps in Linux, but your driver works for my mobo, so i think this is the best proof that it has ALC1200 ) Oh, btw official global Asus website says, that P5QL Pro has ALC1200 http://www.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=YYer...&templete=2 Thanks!
  9. I've just tested ALC1200_106 kext on my P5QL PRO mobo in SL - SPDIF works! With AC3/DTS passthru! Does this mean, that P5QL PRO has ALC1200, not ALC888? Marionez, change info on this mobo in the first message of topic, plz!
  10. You need to flash Juzzi's bios first! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=136586
  11. Fesco, did you modify latest Marionez's Alc1200_106 kexts to make ac3\dts passthru work? Or it works out-of-the-box? If you have modified, can you share this? ------- I have P5QL Pro. are you 100% sure it has alc888 and not ALC1200? Cause with your ALC1200_1056 and ALC_1057slim everything WORKS GREAAAT on Leo 10.5.8!! And Asus.com says this mobo has ALC1200.. Even SPDIF AC3/DTS passthru! To enable passthru i had to follow these steps: I dont know why, but in VLC I have only PCM STEREO Perhaps there are some specific settings. BTW, AppleHDA edited by Fesco doesn't work for my mobo. I hope this information is helpful for P5QL Pro owners and others, who have problems with 5.1 SPDIF! I've tried ALL available kexts to get my audio work - and ALC1200_1057slim is THE BEST! Great work, Marionez!
  12. ALC1200(888) ICH10, Snow Leopard, S/PDIF work?

    guys, help me out! Ive tried all available drivers...and none of them work with 5.1 spdif on Leo and on Snow Leo... Have u find a way to anable 5.1 ?(ac3/dts passthru) spdif on ALC1200 (alc888)? I didnt fund any proper sound driver for SE.. and even for Leo 10.5.8! I have only stereo output ( Can u show me proper driver for Leo? im really very tired of trying ( My mobo is Asus p5ql Pro (alc888, not alc1200)