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  1. Like it says what is the current best video card that will work with Snow Leopard? I currently have a Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT PCI-E. And it dose work good until a game tries to change the resolution as the screen goes black. And the only way to get it to come back is to reset the computer. So now I am looking for the best PCI-E card to play games. And I need one that doesn't have problems like my current one. Thank Y'all for the help in advance
  2. I keep on getting a kernel panic in SL Please help!! TY for the help in advance
  3. ATI mouse tearing - a new and better solution

    The file is missing.
  4. low board performence

    88sec for me
  5. How did you fix it? I got everything to work but not ci or qe. Maybe i'm doing something wrong?
  6. TransMac

    Is TransMac the best to use? or is there something better?
  7. Safe mode for mac?

    hmm didn't work still saying agp bridge not found
  8. Safe mode for mac?

    TY I will try that
  9. Safe mode for mac?

    it looks like dos but i cant type its just showing what crashed
  10. Safe mode for mac?

    ok neather are working anyway to get it not to load an ktext because its saying agp brige not found after i but it in there and neather -x or -s are working it just brings up the debuger in looks kinda like dos
  11. I put in something new in my extension folder and i forgot to fix permissions anyway to get in like safe mode for mac or something. Also how do i fix permissions? TY for the help in advance. P.S. was installing the agp driver