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  1. I've discovered what was wrong. I downloaded another iso, generic.iso, and the rig is up and running. I have to start looking for the right kexts for the wireless, the video card, and the sound. but all in all is working! :censored2:
  2. I burned the .iso for noobs at the lowest speed (2x), without modifying anything in it. I read somewhere I may need to insert DMOS.kext however this is a vanilla rig with all Intel components (chipset, video card, controller etc). Next I reboot the rig using the burned iso. Once I get to a prompt I switch out the iso cd with my Retail Leopard DVD (my 24" imac croaked because of a bad disk controller and now is a fantastic paperweight (Apple wants $1000 to replace the board)). I then let Leopard DVD run its course, with no panic (ran the install with and without -v). It gets to the starting screen (the background image from TimeMachine) and instead of an arrow I get a spinning ball. After that, nothing happens. I let it sit for 5-10 minutes and still nothing. I have to reboot the system to bring it back up. If I've overlooked anything, I apologize, I don't know what to look for. Thanks for offering to help, I would LOVE to run OSX on my E5500.
  3. I was wondering if Moderator is still watching this forum. I followed the instructions originally given, and used the Boot-kabyl-bumby iso (for noobs), am using a Dell E5500 (Mobile C2 P8400 w/ Intel GL40 chipset & Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Video Chipset) with an external IDE drive for the install. However, I get the spinning circle and the system hangs right as the background image from TimeMachine comes up. I've installed Kalyway 10.5.1 before using this same rig with the same external drive. Quick resume about "oh, what to do now?" #1 - Burn .iso on a CD; #2 - Boot this CD; #3 - When Darwin prompt appear, eject CD and put Mac OS X Leopard Retail DVD; #4 - Press enter (or -v and enter...wherever...) SYSTEM halts here #5 - After install, boot using CD boot again and install .kext needed...and usual files. #6 - Done! I read somewhere that I may need to alter the DMOS.kext file. I thought it was a simple matter of following the instructions however I am missing something. Can anyone help? I hate running MSFT.