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  1. Safari scrolling problem

    common somebody give me at least 1 helpful answer, im a little annoyed with this scrolling issue nvm figured it out on my own thnx for the help =[ I used efi tools to find my graphics card and install the kext to fix resolution problems and refresh issues
  2. Safari scrolling problem

    Okay i just installed a perfect hackintosh, all my drivers work, the OS is Smooth and fast Im running Voodoo Kernal 9.5.0 I installed using iPC I am using safari 3, i went into it and started scrolling and everything was working perfectly. So sense it was safari 3 i wanted to upgrade to 4 but there was a problem. Turns out you need to install security update 09-01 to install safar 4. So i did and then restarted my computer tryed safari 3 and the scrolling distorted the screen and made it all choppy. The only way to temporarily undistort it was to highlight a text field. But then once i scroll again it becomes distorted again. And this is not just happening in safari, its happening in iTunes and other apps. my specs: dell dimension 2400 1 GB of ram pentium 4 processor Mac OS is installed and running on 200GB external maxtor one touch external usb Nvidia 6200 256mb PCI graphics card from evga Plz help me this is really annoying
  3. iPC installation screen is unbearably grainy

    What SMBIOS version did you use, im thinking about using 27 imac rev 6, and i checked our specs they are extremley similar what patches did you apply to get it working
  4. iPC installation screen is unbearably grainy

    ok im gonna read up on it but nate do you know anything about the APPLESMBIOS and the DSDT Patches edit: o ok i read up on chameleon so its a bootloader with a gui and other features, cool how do i set it up cuz i was planning on installing os x and then put in my windows dvd and repair the windows bootloader so i can boot windows, then go into easy bcd and configure the bootloader settings to choose between mac and windows in iPC there is a chameleon option if i just check that will it do the whole chameleon install for me?
  5. iPC installation screen is unbearably grainy

    awsome thnx nate, thnx polish @polish good, and yea i think im going to install the natit driver, i found somebody else with the same graphics card that used that and it works perfectly @nate yea you have a newer version of my computer, i was reading the wiki and it says that voodo 9.5 would make my machine run real smooth and whats chameleon do? ive heard of it but never exactly figured out what so special about it. Ima bit of a newb can you guys explain to me what SMBIOS are and the DSDT Patches? Also, how do i find which one is best for my machine
  6. Its to the point where i cant even read the text on the installation screen, no colors either, its grayscale. Specs: Dell dimension 2400 1 GB of ram 2.8 Ghz Pentium 4 processor Intel® 82865G Graphics I am planning to buy a new PCI graphics card preferably one that is anywhere from 40-60$ that supports direct x 9 for aero on windows 7, it also needs to make it so the iPC installation screen is more clear so i can install it. Right now im looking at a 'NVIDIA GeForce 6200 PCI Graphics Card from EVGA' www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130289 is that PCI card compatible with iPC installation? Plz I need your help If you have any suggestions, tips, or answers, let me know! O and what APPLESMBIOS and DSDT Patches should i check wow and i have so many views but no replies, plz people give me mah answer!
  7. This is such a relief someone that did hackintosh succesfully on dell demension 2400. I need your help. I just installed windows vista, i love it. Now im gonna dual boot leopard and vista with xXx Leopard beta ppf1. But i have no idea how to apply some patches to this iso(The patches are ppf2,ppf3 and i dont know how to apply them to my iso which already has update ppf1). Umm i really need help im kinda doing this the real impratical way. I have a 200 gb external hardrive. I also have one DVD RW and a CD burner. The DVD RW has my vista installation files and i dnt want to delete thos. So i think im going to have to back it up onto my c drive, then format the cd and burn leopard. I really want mac to work, specifaccly all my drivers. Such as my graphix card my speakers and my internet adapter. Im not sure whether i should partition my c: drive which has 170 GB left on it, so that vista and mac can share half each. Or i should just put Mac Os on my 200 gb removable hardrive and keep the C: drive to VISTA OS. Im a complete nub so i need your help!! Also once ive finished te dual booting process, what do you recomment: keep darwin boot loader to choose my OS upod boot up OR use Vista boot loader. And one more question, can i apply regular automatic updates to leopard, or no becuz its a hacked OS. Thnx, and plx help !! *bump* srry for double post but i need an answer from someone, i wanna do this today