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  1. hello, I have been experimenting with hackintosh for a while now, and just recently installed a fresh install of 10.8.0. Im running an MSI GT683r laptop with no DSDT (as I dont know how to do this) and have a working install. In all the other versions ive installed in the past, (10.5-7) I've always been able to get my audio to work using the voodoo 0.2.1 or one of the audio kexts (my pc has Realtek 892) found in the various releases of ######. However, for some reason, I cannot get my internal speakers to function. Now at one point, I could use my internal speakers on my 10.8.0 install but now, all of sudden, I see is 4 different selections of "Digital out" and a "line out" in my sound settings menu. I've tried installing and reinstalling various different voodoo releases, realtek, and as well as reinstalled the OS but with no luck. Also, when the speakers worked ###### installs of realtek kexts always failed, so i used voodoo which worked, but now the realtek ones install. I read that you had to reset the digital sensor in the headphone jack, but there is no red light coming from it and I have crammed q tips and tickled the inside quite a lot. Also, my laptop physically has a headphone jack, a mic (no inputs can be seen currently on sound prefs), a line in, and a line out (only sound line that works) Any suggestions? My laptop has very nice speakers and i want to use them. Thanks in advance. (screen shot below, let me know if you want more)
  2. You won't be able to find one. they dont exist and probably won't. If you want wireless internet, do what I do and buy the Dlink DWA 131 mini usb adapter. Its max $40 and is really small and works like a charm. It also has native mac drivers straight from the manufacturer.
  3. blackspy619

    Install on to RAID MBR partition

    Hey thanks. I just wanted to know if it was possible. I just really didn't want to reinstall windows and tear down my raid config
  4. Hello, First off, I have been around the hackintosh scene casually for a while so I'm not completely new. I own an MSI GT683r-242us, which has an intel i7 2630qm processor and two 500gb hdd. Now, currently my two hard drives are striped in RAID 0 configuration with two partitions, one containing my Windows 7 install, and the other is blank storage. This stripe is set up as an MBR partition table. For me, I am forced to run mac on an external hard drive. Here is what i'd like to know: Is it possible for me to access the storage partition of this set up so I can install OSX natively onto my internal hard drives? Is there a way to get disc utility to see the two partitions the my windows machine sees, instead of 3 different drives that are of inconsistent size when compared to the real partitions. Furthermore, if anyone knows a way to backup my windows OS by mirror imagining it so i can disable RAID and use the two hdds independently, (basically, i dont want to have to reinstall everything[possibly norton ghost? i dont know how it works tho])) Thanks a bundle in advance.
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    iAtkos stuck at apple booting screen

    I had this problem too. I'm still looking for a solution. I really hope someone out there knows the answer. I will try what someone said earlier.