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  1. On legality and Leopard...

    I look at it this way, download the software and see if you like, try it out... If you do like it then buy it and you can bet that I will be purchasing a copy of leopard off of store shelves the day it comes out... Until then -
  2. Making a Mac Mini 64 bit

    Well I went on a head and went with the upgrade anyway, Intel Core2Duo @ 1.8GHz and went to 1gb of RAM.. Man it is FAST, the speed difference is just amazing.. Just the proc upgrade alone was worth it.
  3. Making a Mac Mini 64 bit

    Yeah however the Operating System is going to require 64 arch. to run, that is why any mac now that is not core2duo is not going to run Leopard anyway that is my understanding, correct me if I am wrong? BTW I did upgrade to the core2duo last night I got the T5600 (1.8ghz) and my god what a speed difference. Its hard to believe this little mac mini has so much power to it. It boots in half the time and that was on a processor upgrade alone.
  4. Samba Printer Issues in 10.4.9

    So I am glad that I am not the only one with this problem.. I have been working on a solution, if any one even has any suggestions post them here. In the mean time I am going to work on this some more and if I find I solution I will definitely let you know
  5. OK, I have a SMB shared printer hooked up to my SuSE Linux server and everything works on that end, the printer is shared with the proper permissions and you don't even need a user account to print. When I try to print to it on my Windoze machine it prints just fine without even asking for credentials. However when I used the "advanced" setup on my mac and whether or not I enter a username and pass I get the message "NT_Status_access_denied" when trying to print. This is becoming a huge headache. The printer is a Laserjet 4 (The really old big box one) Anyone Have any ideas? Thanks in advance, Doogie
  6. Making a Mac Mini 64 bit

    Very nice, I have a core2duo mobile laying around anyway, guess I will just throw it in.. Now those who got lucky enough to get the developer's edition of leopard, does anyone know if it will support the mac mini stuff out of box (i.e. graphics card) or has anyone had time to try it yet?
  7. Well the 10.5 around the corner and the obvious lack of support for a 64 bit mac mini I guess it is time to try and make my own 64 bit. Does anyone know if these things just take the mobile processors or do they take the regular desktop processors. Also would the Core2 Extreme fit? Let me know, Mike
  8. I am still seeding using the demonoid tracker...
  9. Had the same problem, all I needed to do was set the OS X partition as active..
  10. I was wondering if anyone has had OS X on a dv9000t, I have gotten it up and running but QE * Ci support?
  11. Intel Wireless driver

    I would love to help with this project, whether it be testing or programming.. I have the 3495 in an HP Dv9000T Notebook.. Unfortunately I Just can't change the cards (because of HP).... So in other words I need this working as well
  12. After installing callisto and the QE / CI Patch my screen looks like this: I need some input on what to do from here to fix it. I know how to undo it but I need QE/CI so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. I have a Radeon X600 Mobility (ID 3150) 128mb, Native Resolution is supposed to be 1440x900
  13. Well different problem now so here is my next step: Garbled Screen Problem