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  1. I didn't use GraphicsEnabler = Yes I booted with flags -v -x AtiConfig=Duckweed and nothing else Nothing else was needed. I had also tried removing the kext and that will you get through the install but if you afterwards reinstall it, repair permissions etc. you will get the white screen again. More info on the AtiConfig options you can try here (a bit further down the thread): http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=275546
  2. Try booting with an AtiConfig flag, that solved the whitescreen problem for me both on install and on subsequent boot, without removing the ATI600 Kext or replacing it: AtiConfig=6870 (this work for me on Displayport, I also have hdmi out and 2x DVI on Sapphire hd 6870 1 gig). Previously I tried AtiConfig=Duckweed and this worked on my hdmi port only, whitescreen prob if I then connected via DP.
  3. Mountain lion GM reset after starting Darwin x86_64

    Where can I find a .pkf for the version you are using ? Thx!
  4. Mountain lion GM reset after starting Darwin x86_64

    I have tried starting with -F -x -v, same results. I did not normally need to do anything special with graphics for the 4670, it used to work out of the box. So I am relying on the kexts for ATI that came with the GM. Should I replace them ?
  5. I am trying to install Mountain Lion GM on my box that successfully runs 10.7.3. Gigabyte EP45 series board, Quad core 2.66 Core 2 duo, 6 GB ram, ATI HD 4600. Boot runs fine, all kexts etc are loaded, now at the very end if I film the boot I can see after 'starting Darwin X86_64' my box resets. Using Chameleon_2.1svn_r1823_ErmaC. Pretty default settings, I am only controlling built-in ethernet and installing SMBios for a variant of the iMac (either iMac8,1 or 10,1). My 10.7 installation runs on iMac8,1 smbios and recognizes the CPU as Quad-core Intel Xeon. Any hints or way I can find out what's up ?