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  1. Plasma2k9

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi guys been I've member here for quite some time but haven't had the need to post any questions previously. I'm now on my 4th or 5th Hackintosh and need a weeny bit of help. I'll post in the relevant section instead of spamming the "Introductions" ection with .. help I have a problem posts!!! Just thought I'd say Hi first!! Plasma
  2. Plasma2k9

    Lenovo T410, Vanilla Snow, 10sep

    After a little more tinkering I've placed electrial insulating tape over pin 20 and can confirm this has enabled the card and I now have wireless working under OSX Snow Leopard on my T410 with the BCM4311. Can confirm this trick also works with an Atheros AR5007 in the T410 as well. On to the Intel GMA HD Graphics card, and while I've put the relevant kexts in /S/L/E doesn't work, also noticed when ever I do this I get a "kext cannot be used" but this is before I correct the 755 permissions and root:wheel owners from the command line. Does anyone know if this is normal behaviour? Also anyone got an Intel GMA HD working properly yet? Plasma
  3. Plasma2k9

    Lenovo T410, Vanilla Snow, 10sep

    Looks like I'm almost there thanks to TTAV134 over on bios-mods .. he posted this link which removes the white list from the T410. Now I have my T410 booting with my BCM4311 card in it, think the driver needs a tweak as its recognised as Airport but I can't turn it on. Worked fine under 10.5.6 so will do some digging. Plasma
  4. Plasma2k9

    Lenovo T410, Vanilla Snow, 10sep

    I copied "preboot.dmg" off the [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] CD and can now boot without it in the drive Going to converse with 'javiercordero20' when I get 5 mins to play again, see if I can rectify some startup errors and sort my Graphics Card out. Plasma
  5. Plasma2k9

    Lenovo T410, Vanilla Snow, 10sep

    Ok I've done a full re-install after messing up my GUID partitions while trying to install Windows 7 and following a few bits and bobs round the net and using a standard Windows 7 CD image, I can now Dual Boot OSX SnowLeopard and Windows 7 (32 bit). Still can't do it without the EmpireEFI CD but when that boots I can see my Snow OSX and Windows Partitions and can start either from there. Its gone midnight now so I'm going to go to bed too, tomorrow I hope to install the afore mentioned Kexts and hopefully get Snow networking with some sound!! More on my adventures tomorrow! Plasma
  6. Plasma2k9

    Lenovo T410, Vanilla Snow, 10sep

    In my last Hackintosh I had the same problem with the Wi-Fi, I used the guide here .. http://www.winmatrix.com/forums/index.php?...x-wifi-working/ to flash a new vendor ID into my BCM4311. I'm hoping I can do the same again and pop the miniPCI card in this one. Much cheaper to replace if the flashing goes wrong!!! Though it would be nice to have wireless n which I think the T410 has by default. Have you got it to boot without the CD yet? I'm desparate to fix this so I can move forward with my Hackintosh. Plasma
  7. Plasma2k9

    Lenovo T410, Vanilla Snow, 10sep

    PM Sent be nice to have someone to share idea's with. I've read the post about the busratio=xx setting, I've been booting mine with 20 and 19 but aftre reading the dedicated page it seems it should be 18? Under Windows 7 Properties it says the CPU is an Intel Core i5 CPU M 520 @2.4Ghz 2.4Ghz which I guess is a .. 520M with Busratio of 18 ?? Currently investigating installing Win 7 on a GUID partition using "oscdimg.exe", but have to admit most of the quoted posts about EFI 1.1 / 2.0 go straight over my head which is unusal as I class my self as a competent techie! Plasma
  8. Plasma2k9

    Lenovo T410, Vanilla Snow, 10sep

    Hi folks good post, it prompted me to try and get Snow Leopard on my T410, had tried a few times with the old iDenebe and iPC but failed miserably. I'm making much better progress now, however have hit a few problems similar to those mentioned above. I don't know a great deal about OSX but have made about 4 hackintosh's in the past so am not a complete newbie!! Firstly my Bluetooth is working staright after a vanilla install no additional kexts / config required, I can see my printer via bluetooth but haven't tried anything else. Main problem is as 'javiercordero20' mentioned, it will boot from the Empire EFI CD fine, but no amount of tinkering / Chameleon versions seem to be able to fix it from a normal boot. Without EFI CD it hangs immediatley after choosing the SnowLeopard partition. I beleive there is mention of a link / guide further up, any chance those who've got it working can post the simple steps to save the unexperienced some time?? I also discovered the windows 7 issue not wanting to go on a GUID partition, but will look at the link provided and report back. Just wanted to let you all know that there's someone else on the case. Due to there being no driver for the intel wireless, I'm also looking at adding a BCM4311 Wireless card (out of an old hackingtosh). The T410 says "unauthorised wireless card", I had the same with this card in my HP Laptop, but flashed a new vendor ID to the card, so hoping to do this again. But this is a little down the list of things to do, need to get the thing booting properly first! Plasma
  9. Plasma2k9

    Broadcom 4311 on Compaq v5000 Plz Help!

    Hey folks, firstly THANK YOU! for the info I've almost got the Wireless working correctly in my Presario V5000 (Intel chipset). After fiddling I can get the wireless to work but ... Firstlt on boot it doesn't auto connect to the preferred networks, though if you open the Air Port pref its in the drop down list and when you select it it connects and everything works. (I'm looking at scripting this selection as a temporary fix). Secondly even once manually connected the "AirPort" logo on the task bar never shows as connected, when you click it it always says "AirPort: Not Configured", even when in Network Prefs it shows as connected and I can surf the web (Like I am doing now!). Like I say it works but its a bit finiky, any help resolving the issues would be appreciated. Also used the AppleUSB Kext and that got my USB ports working! Many Thanks Plasma