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  1. Sdelano, you are the man ! Removing in the pkg the section you identified, Silverlight 2 works on my Compaq EVO N610C with 10.4.11 (Pentium4, ATI Mob 7500). The video isn't exactly as smooth as Flash does, but at least it works. Thanks. Nando.
  2. Forget it. I was able to run the damned (;-)) VM for three times. I set a resolution of 1200x900, ran a bridged network, modified the boot parameters... and now I'm getting the damned old error again and again and again !! No way to run Leo on this HW. I give up. Cheers, Nando.
  3. riahc3, I got it to work !! Wandering in the forum I found that someone used a different configuration. So I changed the original ~pcwiz conf file. I did: In vmware ws selected "Edit virtual machine settings" Selected Options Tab Selected Sun Solaris as Guest Operating system Selected Solaris 10 64-bit as Version Saved. I started the VM, pressed F8 and provided at boot prompt: >mach_kernel.toh -v It is slow like hell, 1024x768 only, no network, but it works !! Now I'm digging in the post to try inproved resolution and network to work. Give it a try and please, let us know !! Nando.
  4. riahc3, please don't feel alone... I'm in the same club as you. The damned -14135 returned by dsCreateRecordAndOpen stroke again! I have an Intel Core2 T7200 and run the image thru VMWare 6.5 Beta build 84113. I tried any kind of flags combination (mach_kernel.toh, -legacy,..) unsuccessfully. Still hoping someone out there with some brilliant suggestion... Cheers, Nando.
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    Hello ! I have an HP 6220 (sse2, GMA915, Wifi Intel 2200) and installed rev 2. After the installation I didn't have USB working. I browsed the DVD and found the USB package. Installed manually, rebooted and... it works ! I really can't realize why it failed the first shot... Well, everything is working now, except Quicktime. I mean, the streaming by web is OK, but if i try to play an AVI file I get sound but no video at all (grey screen..). By the way, VLC and RealPlayer are working fine. Any suggestion ? BlackCH, thanks a lot for your great work. I think there isn't any other distro with all the stuff in, like Wifi, PowerManagement, PCCard working out of the box. Chapeau !! Ciao, Nando.
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    intel gma 900/915gm driver for leopard

    Hi all, I'm running Leo4all v2 on my HP NC6220 with a GMA 915. The card works out of the box, but without QE support. I attached the profiler screen. Does anyone how to enable QE ? Thanks. Nando. 1.tiff
  7. Donk, thanks a lot. Tomorrow I'll be back at home and I'll try to add the ToH kernel thru my iMac. I checked the kernel used by JaS and it's different by ToH in size and date.... crossfingers..! I'll post the results soon. Nando.
  8. Donk, ~pcwiz, as I understood, I have to use the mack_kerkel.toh... Ok, I found it, I got it, now.... how can I add it to the ISO image ? I tried the usual Windoze tools as MagicISO, PowerISO, but they don't work... Any suggestion.. ? Thanks !! Nando.
  9. sssharer, there isn't a mach_kernel.toh... only the mach_kernel.orig, that sounds as the original by Apple... Nando.
  10. Yes, I did... Same freeze.. Thanks, Nando.
  11. Well, my HP NC6400 is a Core2 only and doesn't support VT. So I changed 'darwin-64' to 'darwin' in vmx file but i'm still getting stuck exactly at the same point as uniqueOSX. Any suggestion ? Donk, you did a great job anyway ! Thanks. Nando.
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    Sorry to bother, but please let me repost my question... is ATI X1300 supported ? In v2 I got an unpresentable 1024x768 resolution only... Thanks. Nando.
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    Eddie, thanks for the great effort ! I saw in the initial post that you added ATI X1400 support. Is it working for X1300 too ? Thanks. Nando.
  14. And that is.The green demon is back ! Few new additions are already available... a legend returns.And that is.The green demon is back ! Few new additions are already available... a legend returns.
  15. fairaghi

    Jas 10.5.3 Amd/Intel Testers- Come Here ASAP TO JOIN!

    OK, I would like to be in team, if you think it useful. I have two SSE2 machines, an HP-Compaq EVO N610C (P4, 2Ghz, ATI 7500, wifi Belkin PCMCIA) and an HP-Compaq NC6220 (Pentium M, 1.8Ghz, GMA 900, wifi Intel 2200). Both are running OSX 10.4.11 flawlessly. Ciao, Nando.