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  1. InputRemapper on new Aluminum Macbooks

    I Have Aluminium MacBook MB467LL/A After I installed BootCamp and InputRemapper It was same problem. The "freeze" comes becouse InputRemapper and BootCamp services runs at same time. Solution: 1 way) For work with rigth click you mast onse run process KbdMgr.exe and kill it after initialization this service, after that you can run InputRemapper and it will be no "freeze" and sussesfull work. 2 way) I have wrote program what will do this automaticly, you can download and test it from: http://ighor.info/BootCampToInputRemapper.rar You mast: 1) install BootCamp 2) install my program (BootCampToInputRemapper.rar) 3) install InputRemapper 4) reboot computer Enjoy! PS: I waiting for multitouch version of InputRemapper and I can help with programming. Who can give me some event code ?