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  1. arubinst

    New Build of OS X Leopard

    The one thing you can be sure of with Apple is that you can't be sure of anything...
  2. That doesn't happen to me... My Mac sleeps all the time. I practically never turn it off. I open and close my MBP several times a day, change locations, etc. and it always works immediately after waking up...
  3. arubinst

    10.5.2 Due Soon

    an iWeb Update is available...
  4. arubinst

    FireFox 3 Beta 1 Available

    Did you know spam robots collect email addresses automatically from forum posts? If this is indeed his address, he could start receiving spam just because this... Not to mention his privacy...
  5. arubinst

    FireFox 3 Beta 1 Available

    Will they ever use OS X proxy settings instead of proposing a separate interface to configure proxy support independently????
  6. arubinst

    Anyone have hotmail/MSN/WindowsLive email?

    Go to Preferences->Security->Show Cookies and remove all msn, hotmail and .live cookies you find there. This will let you login to hotmail. Once you do this, make sure you logout every time you use it. It will work as long as you don't close the window without logingout. If you do, you will have to go through the Cookies trick once again. It is a pain... and Microsoft is aware of the problem... I hope this helps, Arubinst
  7. arubinst

    10.5.1 is out!

    The 10.5.1 Update is recommended for all users running Mac OS X Leopard and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac. For detailed information on this update, please visit this website: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=306907. For detailed information on security updates, please visit this website: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=61798. Cheers, arubinst
  8. arubinst

    I think I found a bug

    Indeed, this was weird... My iCal refused to show Nov 1st. Today, it works ok... Oh well...
  9. arubinst

    I think I found a bug

    Ok, does anybody else have this one? Very weird!!! Look at the day reported by my iCal: and this is (as you know) today's date as reported by the system: Note: both pics taken a couple of minutes appart.... of course! Has anybody seen this (or noticed) IF you have it? Cheers, arubinst
  10. arubinst

    Anyone using TVShows on Leopard?

    Ok, i figured it out! I used the Migration Assistant on my Leopard install. This recovered my old TVShows configuration. The problem was that I had set TVShows to download my torrent files to a folder that did not exist anymore on my new system. All I had to do was select a different download folder and, once I closed TVShows, a dozen torrents started downloading! TVShows didn't complain about the wrong folder, even when I had already opened the preferences. Thanks again for your comments and I hope this may help someone else. Arubinst
  11. arubinst

    Eject disk image

    In fact, it isn't only you. Several people (including me) are having this problem, as evidenced here
  12. arubinst

    Anyone using TVShows on Leopard?

    Thanks for your reply! I have already started and closed the app several times. It dosn't work. Is there a way I can check if the daemon is running?
  13. Hi, I've used TVShows for quite some time. Since I installed Leopard on Friday, I have not received a single Torrent. Anyone using it? Does it work for you? Arubinst
  14. arubinst

    VLC and leopard, something wrong!

    Perian. It's wondefull. Only thing VLC can do that Perian can't (at least, that I know) is time-shifting subtitles during playback.
  15. arubinst

    Expose Problems

    I have a MBP. I also find the Dashboard, the dock and expose kind of jerky. You may also try this: open a video (rather big) with Quicktime and cmd-F to go full screen. It is JERKY as hell here!