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  1. HP Mini 210 HD Series. OSX Compatible?

    This sounds like Lemurian. I have to say, after doing this a couple of times on other minis - sticking these custom kexts in the EFI partition may be elegant, but it's not very practical. When (and it will happen) you need to restore your device from a backup, it's much easier to restore a single partition than it is to go through and recreate the EFI boot partition and restore what's in there, as well as what's on your device. my .02.
  2. Both wi-fi and connected network aren't working? Do you know what specific radio chip sets are in each laptop? Thanks!
  3. So it looks like graphics card will be a GMA 3150. Is that a deal-breaker?
  4. It's easy to run Windows on a Mac (Fusion, Parallels...), but can I create a VM in native Windows, and then Hackintosh that VM, so I can run Mac OS on Windows? Has anyone ever tried this? I'd imagine it should be doable. Just want to make sure I can before I try. Thanks in advance! Dan
  5. Snow Leopard 10.6 Retail on HP Mini 1000

    I've used NetbookBootMaker and think it's a great idea. It's almost perfect for use with the Mini. It really makes the process of building an updatable Hackintosh simple. That said, I've had an issue with the Mini 100 (1035NR). I've tried using NetbookBootMaker and my install of Snow Leopard to the internal drive fails/stalls with 10 minutes to go (this happened three times). I'm not sure why it happened as there's no great deal of info in the install log. I even re-created my install disk image from the installation DVD to ensure my installation media wasn't corrupt in some way. I wound up quitting the install when it died. When I restarted the mini off the USB stick, I could see that it would allow me to select the internal partition to boot from (not boot up from the hard drive on its own). I therefore just installed NetbookBootMaker to the hard drive and now it's its working fine, other than the issues with sleep and sound. I've got a 32 GB MTron SSD in my mini, and the SL install doesn't even take up half my storage, and I've already installed all the development tools and the iPhone SDK. On top of that it's very snappy. If sleep and sound aren't important to you, I'd move up now.