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  1. Lenovo Thinkpad T410

  2. Lenovo Thinkpad T410

    Many thanks for your reply. I think has some tiny issues with this DSDT file, I'm at 10.9.2, when combine "Fn + F2 --> F8 or F12", system will be hangout, has only way to do that is restarting my Lap (This problem is not exist on DSDT file that give by Joshhh file) Can you fix this?
  3. Dear gcafrk Can you share your DSDT file and some kext that's used on your T410? My T410 (2522-CTO) has some problem with Fingerprint, Battery and Sleep/wake-up. Many thanks!
  4. Hi Joshhh, What range of your Lap's temperature? My Lap's FAN speed (T410) always run at silent speed, so its temp about 55*C->80*C. Can modify DSDT to control speed of FAN without broken system as ghotic860 post about osx on w520 ? And when connect to external display using VGA, it's not working on my Lap. I try using display port and it has same result. Has no signal send to external monitor. What's wrong with this? (I use all most your file up at 1st page)
  5. My Lap loss audio & hangs on the gray Apple screen during boot. It still can boot into Graphic Safe mode (Using -x option at Chimera boot loader menu)
  6. My T410 (2522-CTO) has some problem after update to 10.8.2. I've follow this post: And this thread (Step 4): http://lifehacker.co...ng-a-hackintosh Now it works well as 10.8. Many thanks to Joshhn, you've bring Mac OS X to my Lap )