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    Cider 2178 (from the new Prince of Persia)

    This port doesn't really seem to work well for me... I tried to port Resident Evil 4, but it didn't work with it, I tried even Prince of Persia and it didn't work (I had prince of persia working with cider 2097 previously.) I'll keep trying every game that I have.
  2. yat65535

    Resident Evil 4 Cider port problem

    Hey, thanks for posting this, it helped me solve the same problem! If it's not solved yet, you have to delete the file libquartz.dylib from contents\frameworks\ folder, then download quartz.dll from http://www.dlldump.com/download-dll-files_...6/download.html Place this file in c_drive\windows\system32\ and this solves the problem! Thanks again!