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  1. DSDT errors and warnings.

    I've been trying to do changes in my smbios.plist from suggestions in this forum so I could get ML from the store, it isn't working. it says my computer is incompatiible. I wouldn't even care because sl is running so good, but they are dropping security updates. ML won't install from aquiring it any other way either, I can't even make a USB stick from aquiring it from unconventional ways. I rather buy it anyway, so I know what I'm getting and to do the right thing. So I tried to make a new dsdt list. I get an error, I got the original error in a screen shot, then tried to fix the error, did that & was left with warnings, included a screen shot of that. I'm going to zip up a file and upload it to any kind soul who acres to look at it I included the compiled dsdt with the warnings. My hardware is in my sig. If someone thinks I need to change hardware don't be afraid to let me know, I'm 51 I can take criticism. I managed to install LinuxMint on another HD, I can't switch back and forth, the chameleon bootloader "Boot V5.0.132, Chameleon V2.0-RC4_PCEFI10.5_AsererBLN r" will not let me choose drives to boot. So I have to go into my BIOS and choose HD Priority list every time I want to use SL or Linux, but if you think I can get a better DSDT from linux let me know what I need in apps from linux,or the commands from the terminal and I'll do it from Linux. It seems that people are getting better dsdt files from windows and since I don't even have a copy of any windows in my posession I figured maybe linux would work... thanks for any help and for reading. Happy Hew Year!
  2. Rampage Dev... Yes a very good suggestion Thank you for that, same price range but a much better gpu. MY only concern was with the PCIexpress numbering. Like my board says PCI express 1, most cards say PCI express 2, 2.1, or 3 now. I just want to make sure it will fit in my PCI slot and work. Does anyone know the resoning behind the differrent numbering of the PCI slots on the motherboards? Is it a speed isuue that it allows, or a fitting isssue, or are they all backwards compatable? I'm not at all concerned about the card taking up two spaces. The only need I have right now is for the video card anyway and the GA-EP45-UD3P as you probably already know has plenty of expansion room. I love the board my hackintosh has been running problem free for 2 years now using snow leo. I've been pulling my hair out of my head what ever is left of it trying to get ML on it though. really just for the software security updates and the java updates, or I would be fine staying with snow leo, which runs perfect. Plus I'm starting to see other apps coming out that will only run on lion of ML...
  3. I have an older gigabyte board ana GA-EP45-UD3P board which you know uses DDR2 memory. will I be able to use the newer video card with DDR3 on them and have them work? Has anyone had success? Or is this a complete waste of time on my part. I was looking at the NVidea GeForce 630 with DDR3 and 2 GB of ram on it. It says its a PCI express 2.o X16 128bit DDR3 Or does someone have a recomendation for a video card upgrade that would be better. I'm not a hardcore gamer, but like to play them from time to time. My main reason for upgrading my video card is I suspect that I can't purchase ML from the store becuase of the card I have in there. I could be wrong but it wouldn't hurt to upgrade it anyway.. Thanks for any suggestions...my hardware specs are in my signature..
  4. nyolc8, OK Thanks I'll give that a try! One other question which may sound dumb, but I'm not used to writing code...in the smbios reading from top to bottom which should be written first the <key> , or the ,<string> I do apologize for my idiocy in writing code but this may be my problem, in my smbios the <key> is first under that the <string>, naturally closed up by /</key>, </string Update, I tried your suggestion and this is what my about this mac, more info looks like now. And I'm thinking that maybe because it isn't reading 'core 2 Duo' and reading 'intel Xeon' could be the problem..is there a key to replace for naming the CPU?....still can't purchase, after restarts of coarse. Here is the latest screenshot: This is my actual smbios.plist:
  5. p.H, Thank you for your help. I tried that I just changed the one number from 3 to 5 in the smbios.plist and got a KP. I am guessing that it is telling my board to run a differrent CPU or board itself. But luckily I had my SL cloned. So I restarted and hit the arrow key to boot into the cloned drive. Then copied over the old smbios.plist. then was able to restart back into my regular setup. I'm at a point where I don't know what else to try. I tried rewriting the smbios from other peoples samples, and just replacing my serial number...KP's. Is my hardware really a waste of time to even run ML? I don't get it people are running ML on friggin EP35 boards. All I want to do is pay for the damn OS. I dont want to run an seeded one. I'm guessing if I go to an ***** store, and buy a preconfigured thumb drive, it would probably do the same thing to me...For some reason not many people want to touch this subject with a ten foot pole either, so help is very scarce.
  6. I tried that and a few others, heres a screen shot of more info from "about this MAc": I've been at this for two days now, with zero luck. My hardware is in my signature is there anything wrong with it I heard of people running ML on EP35 mobo's.
  7. The apple store will not let me purchase mountain Lion it says my computer is incompatible. My specs are in my signature. I originally did a lifehacker install and have not updated any of the extras folder after doing a new install with kakewalk. This has been over a year and a half and no problems at all. I have always been able to run software updates, sleep, graphics worked, sound, everything fine.... Is there a way to update chameleon maybe or the extras folder, that will get the store to recognize my computer? Someone mentioned on another board that because in my system profiler it is not showing a date, it just says Mac Pro 3,1 without a date that this is the problem... Has anyone else come across such a strange problem?
  8. 10.6.8 officially released

    Just did the update to 10.6.8. But absolutely backed up first with Carbon Copy Cloner. Update went fine through software update. Sounds works, graphics good. Seems a little faster... My hardware configs can be found in my signature if you want to see if it will work on similar HW. Using kakewalk W/Chameleon
  9. In answer to your last question: No the drives are of identical size 500GB each. I was informed a while back that, it is a tricky swap of the boot sectors. Do it wrong and your mucked. But CCC will only copy over the files on your hard drive. The boot sector is not, even visible to CCC. It is a seperate partition.
  10. Carbon Copy Cloned Drive

    No... what I mean is that you cant have Chameleon installed on both drives. So I would love to know how to get it installed to my backup clone, & remove it from my working drive. Because like you said, if something mucks up on an update on the working drive, I will still be able to boot into the clone. then just restore from the source to a reformatted working drive. Because once I install an apple update, there seems to be no way to get back to the previous working version aside form a reformat.
  11. Carbon Copy Cloned Drive

    I would love to get a heads up on how to do that. I get messed up because both my drives are identical and have the exact same numbers to them.WD5000AAKS-00V10, but your right that would make better sense.
  12. I reformatted the drive I was going to use for windows, to GUID partition same as the one I'm on, and I did a Carbon Copy Clone of the drive to the source drive. The only thing it don't copy over is the boot partition. So I'm guessing if an update goes bad on this drive, I should be able to hit a key during chameleon booting and boot off of the cloned drive? Yes or No? This topic was moved from a previous section. If this is the wrong place, please let me know. I'm trying to keep topics where they belong this is a huge forum & I'm trying to be respectful of that fact.
  13. I reformatted the drive I was going to use for windows, to GUID partition same as the one I'm on, and I did a Carbon Copy Clone of the drive to the source drive. The only thing it don't copy over is the boot partition. So I'm guessing if an update goes bad on this drive, I should be able to hit a key during chameleon booting and boot off of the cloned drive? Yes or No? I apologize, if I went off topic here. If I move the topic will you look for it so we can continue to chat?
  14. Yes that was my exact question. I thought the utility CD from the mobo would put the drivers on the disk before i installed my version of WinXP before the SP2. So you answered my question, it won't. Thank you for understanding my dilemma. Your original advice was a good one ... To get Win 7 and forget about XP. As for now I am going to look for a topic on using time machine, with the other drive. That would cover me in case of a disastrous apple software update right?
  15. This is all a matter of sata drivers for the sata disk drive. Wouldn't my gigabyte CD i got with my motherboard install them onto the drive? If anyone has a gigabyte mobo can you answer this question for me? And of coarse I always unhook my leo drive when mucking around with anything windows. Chameleon should pick up XP after install is complete. I should just be able to rehook my leo drive, hit a key to choose a drive, after a successful XP install. I can afford a floppy drive but I'm not wasting a dime on one. Lets just say for petes sake that I just built a computer with a blank sata drive in it. No software at all. I have a Win XP disk that is before the SP2 update...wouldnt the gigabyte mobo disk instlall the drivers on the disk for me?