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  1. Ja könnte was Board spezifisches sein. Habe die gleichen Kexte wie du verwendet, nutze aber noch Cameleon 2.0 RC1... aber damit sollte es doch eigentlich nicht zusammenhängen können, oder? Hast du im BIOS noch was spezielles eingestellt? Gerade bei den Power Management bzw Suspend Settings... Inzwischen sieht es bei mir so aus als wenn er zwar ganz kurz in den Sleep wechselt (und nicht mehr einfach nur total hängen bleibt ;o) aber der Screen dann schnell wieder angeht und eine Fehlermeldung kommt bzgl. eines nicht ordentlich ungemounteten Drives... k.a. was er nun wieder hat. Mit der VoodooHDA + Sleepprobleme das hab ich schon öfters gelesen.. naja das Sleep nicht richtig funktioniert ist jetzt auch nicht der totale "Showstopper"... Genial wär halt noch SPDIF ans Laufen zu kriegen... bin zwar eigentlich ziemlich versiert aber noch totaler Mac Neuling... k.A. wo ich anfangen sollte wenn es darum geht eine HDA Kext irgendwie für unseren Chip zu patchen... Hast du einen Tipp was man da noch probieren könnte? Ansonsten bin ich echt begeistert.. stabil, super schnell.. hab schon seit 5 Tagen kein Win mehr gebootet..
  2. by the way.. funktioniert bei dir Sleep? Ist das einzige was bei mir neben dem Sound noch Probleme macht. Und mit der modifizierten AppleHDA geht auch kein SPDIF? :-(
  3. Ja der Sound ist bei mir auch noch die einzige Baustelle die mir zu nem "perfekten" SL fehlt. :-( Hab ein Retail Install auf nem P5Q Pro laufen (8GB RAM, Nvidia 9600GT 512MB). 64bit ohne Kernel Panics.. alles schön und gut. Ton habe ich auch, allerdings nur analog.. mittels VoodooHDA (die letzte precompiled 64bit Version die ich finden konnte). Zwei SPDIFs werden zwar aufgelistet, aber da kommt einfach nichts durch, egal ob Coax oder Optical... :-( Die ganzen alten Sound Kext helfen unter SL natürlich auch nicht weiter... Wenn man nur wüsste wo das Problem bei VoodooHDA ist.. viel kann ja nicht fehlen!?
  4. Snow Leopard on Asus P5Q

    Great.. it's working!! :-) I'm using a Asus P5Q Pro with 8GB RAM, 2x 1TB HDDs, Nvidia Geforce 9600 GT 512MB and everything is working fine. Using a Juzzi patched BIOS.. The only things I additionally installed were AttansicL1eEthernet (most up to date 64bit compile I could find), VoodooHDA (dito), VoodooPS2 stuff (still using a PS2 keyboard) and AppleVIAATA to access the Marvell IDE/ATA controller (for eSATA WD My Book - works although it's only a 32bit kext). Only thing that bugs me a little is that I only get analog audio output working through VoodooHDA with the onboard ALC1200. But it's not that bad. Thanks so much to all the countless people who made osx86 possible!
  5. Ok thanks.. I'll search the Chameleon Site for infos on this... Normally I'm using terminal/command line for nearly everything but I'm totally new to OS-X and it's all a little overwhelming in the beginning in regard to installation/boot/setup/bios settings patches etc.
  6. Thank you very much - great guide even osx86 noobs like me can understand! :-) However I've got a (small?!) question... you wrote about the default osx GUID partitioning... however when I want to be able to dual boot into Windows (Win7 in my case) I have to resort to standard plain old MBR partitioning, right? Is this currently not (yet) possible with Snow Leopard? Or what would I have to do (patch/install) to be able to achieve this? Would it be very different to your guide? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thx a lot! PS: I guess besides that the guide should work with a P5Q Pro too, right? (I already flashed it with the newest patched BIOS by juzzi)
  7. Hi there! Sorry to post such a lengthly "newb" question ... but I'm a little afraid of breaking my (currently ;-) ) fine running Win7 installation. So I thought I'd better ask you pros around here what you would suggest. First my hardware configuration: - ASUS P5Q Pro - Intel Quad Core Q9550 (not overclocked!) - 8 GB RAM (unfortunately I don't know exactly which kind but the system is running extremely stable) - NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT 512MB - USB Mouse & PS2 Keyboard - LG DVD Burner SATA(!) - 2x Seagate 1TB SATA HDDs I already installed/flashed the newest P5Q Pro Bios (2102) from Juzzi! And I installed Win7 already with AHCI only, so I didn't have to switch to it now! So I guess my hardware should be ok already? My "problem" is the slightly unusual partition configuration: 1st 1TB SATA HDD: [[[ 120MB NTFS boot/sys partition (active Win7 boot loader, ~90MB free) ]]] [[[ ~930GB NTFS data partition ]]] 2nd 1TB SATA HDD: [[[ 100GB NTFS boot/sys partition (main Win7 system/software partition) ]]] [[[ ~830GB unpartitioned/free (want to put OSX somewhere here ;-) ) ]]] So the first small (~120MB) NTFS partition on the first HDD boots up the main Win7 partition on the 2nd HDD. So my big question is... what's the best way to make a permanent dual boot configuration with this partition layout?! (to be able to choose between Win7 and OS-X) .. or do I have to switch the hard drives first? Or shouldn't that be a problem at all? Do I need Boot 132, Chameleon - or only on the HFS partition? Can I integrate OS-X into the Win7 boot manager (with EasyBCD)? And could (should?) I try to directly install the newest OS-X... 10.6 .. Snow Leopard.. or would this be too problematic? I still need to replace the OSInstall.mpkg, right? Will the replacement file from Juzzi that I downloaded here still work? As I understood I only need a few drivers after I patched my BIOS... namely for onboard Audio and Lan (somebody recently uploaded a 64bit kext for the Attansic L1E which I guess is supposed to work with 10.6?!). So I guess I would just follow the tutorial here but I'm not sure which kexts I have to select with the iDeneb install with my configuration.. and which boot loader I should install on which partition.. :-( I'm afraid to make my Win7 unbootable (I know it should be "repairable" with the Win7 DVD... hopefully...) I would be so happy for any tips or input you guys could give me! Thanks for all the great work everyone put into this.. can't believe we even got a working LAN driver now! Cheers -Sören