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  1. HELP!

    ok i need some help quickly i installed bootcamp and i partitioned my hard drive into to pieces but everything that was on it from the mac got deleted and i needd this stuff what can i do???? someone pls help this is hours of work thats on it thanks -Korki-
  2. ok so im buying a new monitor but i was just wondering what exactly is the difference between a monitor and a T.V. because i found a 50" T.V. for $1000 and i was just wondering if im gonna get a really bad picture from it. This is the T.V. thanks -Korki-
  3. Final Cut Studio Educational and normal?

    no im not out of school im a sophmore in highschool. is it really for anyone cuz if you go to their website it only shows the colleges no highe schools or elementary schools unless your an employee. thanks -Korki-
  4. Final Cut Studio Educational and normal?

    ok wellmy sister goes to college and she can get the educational price but does that mean i cant use it to make money from what i make. like if i make a DVD can i sell it or not? thanks -Korki-
  5. Final Cut Studio Educational and normal?

    anyone??? thanks -Korki-
  6. ok so just wondering is there a difference between the eucational price and the normal price of Final Cut Studio. or is one just cheaper? thanks -Korki-
  7. [Random] 9999 Replies

    1784 dont know if anything happened
  8. how do they make the ipod ads?

    yea thats my guess because the ipod is fake but how do they make the wire move and everything thats mainly what im trying to figure out thanks -Korki-
  9. how do they make the ipod ads?

    im trying to make a video but i was wondering how they made it so the persons a sillouhete and the ipod is white? thanks -korki-
  10. how do they make the ipod ads?

    yes but if u look at the ads then u see that the ipod is white while the peerson is dark and thats the effect im trying to make thanks -Korki-
  11. how do they make the ipod ads?

    hey would you be able to send me the one u did? thanks -Korki-
  12. ok i was just wondering if anyone knew how they make the ipod ads were the people are dark and the ipod is white? thanks -Korki-
  13. hey im looking for video tutorials for Final Cut Studio i dont really care if theyre DVD or Online i just want some that teach you just the basics but also teach you all the complicated stuff. ive been looking at lynda.com but i dont know if that goes that in depth with the programs. thanks -Korki-
  14. a cool photomosaic of steve jobs

    no i didnt make this i read somewhere that it was used for some article i think and you can search on google for Steve Jobs photomosaic where you will also find a couple other ones thanks -Korki-