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  1. z170x-ud5 th vs iMac

    I finally decided to give up on the i7 z170x-ud5 build and buy the 5K iMac Spent 2 months of weekends trying to get rid of reoccurring black screens with the R9 390 and the thought of a 5K screen was too much temptation so decided to go for it. I now have the 27" 5k i5 with 500GB flash, 16GB Ram, R9 395 and very nice it is The z170x was pretty good apart from the black screen, managed to stop the GPU hang but still occurred even after 8 hours when scrolling quickly with a magic mouse! (no error other than the memory address and debugger line - I have a cyberpower ups so know that its not a power issue although there may well be multiple causes of black screens IMHO). I was using a 5k i7 profile and had gradually reduced most of the errors in the system log, only issue bothering me being black screen and lack of sleep. One thing I noticed is on the hack the read write speed of my samsung ssd was approx 600mbit/s while on the iMac its like my mac book pro at about 1600+ read and 1100+ write. And sleep obviously works and the display is gorgeous! So thanks for all the useful info since Leopard and good luck !
  2. Monitor upgrade / emulate Retina

    yes but they look sharp at native resolution as well, just that 2560x1440 appears sharper - as I say download the app is free to try for a couple of weeks, uninstall it if you don't like it PS The HP Dreamcolor has always been a top pro monitor though, I got mine cheap second hand for the price of a good consumer grade monitor
  3. Monitor upgrade / emulate Retina

    yosemite looks great on a HP Dreamcolor outputting full range at 1920x1200 (32 bit colour), no problem with fonts Have you got LCD font smoothing set in system preference> general (bottom) before you buy a new monitor why not try the trial version of switchresX ? (I can set my monitor to higher than native eg 2560x1440 which looks really good but the fonts are small)
  4. 7970 mysteries in 10.9.2.

    Hi Just seen this, I got 1645 with the Sapphire 7950 Mac edition also on 10.9.3 Also connected via mini display port, using generic plug and play out of the box install, no editing PS - how is your HDMI output ? Great 30bit picture on Dreamcolor via Displayport but the fonts on HDMI are oversharp , DVI is good but only 24 bit
  5. Still not sure what you mean? If you have 3 or 6 slots of RAM filled don't you have triple channel memory If you have 2 or 4 slots of RAM filled don't you have dual channel memory so just buy 3 pairs of whatever DDR3 RAM you want (or 3 sticks if you prefer) and you will have triple channel
  6. Yes - mine says the same, I believe this is to be expected Certainly didn't stop me getting good benchmarks when I tried I also had some strange sleep problems, thankfully now seemed to be fixed (maybe something to do with Mavericks ?) I fixed it by trial an error when my Bluetooth went funny and refused to recognise mouse presses I noticed something in the error log about needing to do a kernel rebuild etc so I did the following, set the power management settings to the following pmset -g Active Profiles: AC Power -1* Currently in use: hibernatemode 2 womp 1 networkoversleep 0 sleep 60 Sleep On Power Button 1 ttyskeepawake 1 hibernatefile /var/vm/sleepimage disksleep 0 displaysleep 15 I did a complete CMOS reset and loaded failsafe defaults then reset the minimum BIOS changes for OS X ( optimised defaults didn't work but could be a co-incidence) I also did a kext cache rebuild to be sure , oh yes I remember, this finally fixed it for me, get the latest FakeSMC, that got rid of a lot of other errors (I think you need to download Hardware monitor - has it changed its name, FakeSMC come bundled with some neat Hardware monitor stuff ) After all that sleep seems to work again! I just bought myself a secondhand HP DreamColor monitor so I'm trying to get the HDMI and DisplayPort to output RGB (Dreamcolor demands RGB on HDMI/DisplayPort) (search EDID and frame buffer and ATIPorts=4 to enable all 4 ports) "Are using 6x8GB of triple channels DDR?. Currently I am using 6x2GB triple channels and it seems this type is out of trend now. So I wonder, if putting 3 pairs of dual channels will do. " @aikidoka25 Not sure what the problem is here ? yes I have 6 x 8GB DDR3 CAS 9 RAM as shown in the links I posted don't understand what you mean by out of trend ? what are you trying to fix?
  7. There are rules to which slots you should use as stated in the EX58 manual, so for four sticks they need to go in slot 1,2,3,4 - slot 1 is nearest cpu I suspect that when the manual was written there were no 8GB modules, even 4GB was rare so it stated 24GB as max I've got 48GB now It could be wishful thinking but using all six slots seems smoother than 4, could be my imagination ?? (reason I'm using so much is Final Cut pro , Motion etc use a lot of RAM for video editing - 12 GB is easily used and I had to shut things down to avoid running out) PS - my old 12GB is on ebay uk now ;-)
  8. Thanks, I have a big cooler from when I built it, did try for 4GHz but could only get 3.8 stable when new but I ran it at 3.2 for a couple of weeks I prefer stability over max speed so I never bothered o/c after first few weeks. Currently at 37-42 My plan was to get used to running it slow then after ~5 years o/c to give it a new lease of life or perhaps find a cheap hexa core on ebay Just waiting on last 16GB RAM to arrive taking me to 48GB then I'll give it a speed boost
  9. No kexts if you are higher than 10.8.3 (?) which I am, if you aren't then there are windows and mac drivers on DVD I didn't flip the switch, the only thing is that when booting there is a message saying can't read EFI, not sure what effect it has since it seems comparable in speed to the speed on a real mac pro. The only statement I've read on the subject came on the other hackintosh site without any backing up statement or explanation so I don't believe it because it came from someone who doesn't have this card
  10. Hi Petre I did a check on Google for best price and it was amazon, where else ;-) I paid £281.51 free post from a seller called Trusted Tech (last one I believe - quick delivery), having checked they have no more and the next best price on amazon is £308 if you look here you will see that some are selling at less than £300 https://www.google.co.uk/shopping/product/11433253530452994774?q=Sapphire+Radeon+HD+7950+Video+Graphics+card+3+GB+PCI-Express+16+DDR5+MAC&cr=countryUK%7CcountryGB&client=safari&rls=en&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.61965928,d.d2k,pv.xjs.s.en_US.mRllcBPSixs.O&biw=1336&bih=942&tch=1&ech=1&psi=zisPU4HDNqGH0AXerIGoAw.1393503183090.5&ei=2isPU8-COZKBhAeky4DoBw&ved=0CFYQpiswAA 513 FPS compares quite well with a 3GHz + mac pro with similar card (my hack is running at stock speed) One thing to note, the sapphire is a very nice looking card (better than the windows cards with all the fans etc) but your power supply will need two x six (6) pin pci-e power connectors which I had on my Hyper 880W psu. The old 4870 had a 6 pin and an 8 pin power connector Apart from that its plug and play, just change graphics enabler = N in your boot plist You may want to check out the windows version of the 7950 - I believe they will will work but I did read that there were some pci-e bandwidth issues ? (I'm not bothered - seemed like to much effort when this works out of the box) The RAM is this (note CL=9 there is a cheaper CL10) http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0085IWXB8/ref=oh_details_o09_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Again, plug and play provide you put them in the correct slots 1,2,3,4 for 32GB I'm using Final Cut Pro, Motion 5 and motionfvx ( http://www.motionvfx.com/store,plugins,3,60,1,1.html ) plus Xcode with no trouble I have an SSD on my spare instance which would be faster but this is just on my old SATA drive, I assume the SSD would be faster (I don't use the SSD since it has clover boot loader and for some strange reason the sound doesn't work ? )
  11. Installed the 7950, big improvement on the OpenCL N body simulation (I'm interested in doing some OpenCL programming) with 4870 I was getting a score of approx 77, with the 7950 I was getting a really smooth 477 so I'm happy with that, feels like a new machine Just makes you wonder what a couple of FirePro W7000 would be like on the new mac pro, I thought about getting the W7000 but it was another £200+ so I thought the 7950 would be a good bang for the buck at £290 For info, I had to change GraphicsEnabler to No (it was Yes with the 4870) otherwise I got a black screen I may overclock my i7 920, currently running at a stock 2.88GHz for the past few years, may try to push it up to 3GHz
  12. Just for info, I'm in the process of giving my Hackingtosh an upgrade as it was getting a bit slow for my current needs I had been doing some video editing with Final Cut Pro, Motion 5, mObject etc and 12GB wasn't enough, I had to shut things down to get a reasonable speed. So I decided to swap my original 12GB Corsair for some 8GB sticks of Corsair Vengeance RAM The EX58-UD5 is quoted as supporting 6x4GB of RAM (24GB) . That seems a bit understated by Gigabyte because I've just upgraded to 32GB (4x8GB) and now plan to move to 48GB next month I'm also swapping my old ATI Radeon 4870 1GB for the SAPPHIRE HD 7950 3GB GDDR5 MAC Edition http://www.sapphiretech.com/presentation/product/product_index.aspx?cid=1&gid=3&sgid=1157&pid=1777&psn&leg=0&lid=1# yes I could have probably used the regular 7950 but to be honest I just wanted it to be stable and hassle free Just going to give the RAM a torture test before swapping the video card Edit - I compiled the N body simulator from the apple developer site, unfortunately it doesn't stop eating RAM at 32GB, kept ongoing to 140GB before I stopped it and maxes the cpu , at least the new RAM works and it isn't as painful as just 12GB was Now to swap the graphics card
  13. Just updated to 10.9.2, nothing bad happened, just took slightly longer first boot It appears to fix the safari SSL issue that was reported on the news, https://gotofail.com reported fail on 10.9.1 and now says safe Seems to have fixed a problem with connection to one of my email suppliers
  14. Just a tip, I managed to get Airdrop showing up with and older Mac WiFi and Bluetooth card Can't claim credit for it though , see https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3331216 type the following in terminal defaults write com.apple.NetworkBrowser BrowseAllInterfaces 1 killall Finder && open /System/Library/CoreServices/Finder.app Unfortunately Apple don't yet support Airdrop between iOS 7 and OS X which is a pity
  15. Clover General discussion

    Hi I just moved over to clover in the last few days, I'm using an old EX58-UD5 board with i7 processor and SATA 3 & OCZ SSD drive as my clover boot drive I've been using Chameleon since Leopard (FakeSMC and DSDT) - I have a real apple NIC, bluetooth and airport for minimum config change Moved over to clover and there are 3 cosmetic funnies 1 - I can't get rid of the orange icons (external disks) using same DSDT as the chameleon boot (even on chameleon the Sata 3 SSD shows up orange though) 2 - Sound wasn't working at boot using the same DSDT as the chameleon boot, however after running Darwin Dumper it just switched on during the probing 3 - Processor shows as 2.67 GHz Unknown in About this Mac (works on chameleon) Using the same DSDT these were working in Chameleon - processor type is set to 1281 on smbios and config.plist I edit my DSDT to get rid of the orange icons (although the SSD is orange in Chameleon as well) - plug in SATA 3 card I use DSDT to configure sound when using my chameleon boot disk Everything else sleep, iTunes, cloud, App Store, etc seems to work great apart from these cosmetic bugs Darwin Dumper shows Audio Found a device of class VoodooHDADevice: IOService:/AppleACPIPlatformExpert/PCI0@0/AppleACPIPCI/pci-bridge@7/IOPCI2PCIBridge/pci1002,aa30@0,1/VoodooHDADevice Probing codec #0... HDA Codec #0: ATI R6xx HDMI HDA Codec ID: 0x1002aa01 Vendor: 0x1002 Device: 0xaa01 Revision: 0x01 Stepping: 0x00 PCI Subvendor: 0xaa301787 startNode=1 endNode=2 Found audio FG nid=1 startNode=2 endNode=4 total=2 Processing audio FG cad=0 nid=1... Powering up... Parsing audio FG... GPIO: 0x00000000 NumGPIO=0 NumGPO=0 NumGPI=0 GPIWake=0 GPIUnsol=0 nid 3 0x18560010 as 1 seq 0 Digital-out Jack Digital Special Internal Unknown misc 0 Parsing vendor patch... VHDevice NID= 2 Config=00000000 (audio output ) Cap=00000000 Ctrl=00000000 -- Conns: VHDevice NID= 3 Config=18560010 (pin: Digital-o) Cap=00000094 Ctrl=00000040 -- Conns: 0=2 Disabling nonaudio... Disabling useless... Patched pins configuration: nid 3 0x18560010 as 1 seq 0 Digital-out Jack Digital Special Internal Unknown misc 0 Parsing pin associations... 1 associations found: Association 0 (1) out: Pin nid=3 seq=0 Redir type=-1 jack=0 def=0 Building AFG tree... Tracing association 0 (1) Tracing pin 3 with min nid 0 tracing via nid 3 tracing via nid 2 nid 2 returned 2 nid 3 returned 2 Pin 3 traced to DAC 2 Association 0 (1) trace succeeded Tracing input monitor Tracing other input monitors Tracing beeper Disabling unassociated widgets... Disabling nonselected inputs... Disabling useless... Disabling crossassociated connections... Disabling useless... Binding associations to channels... Assigning names to signal sources... Parsing Ctls... Assigning mixers to the tree... Preparing pin controls... AFG commit... Creating PCM devices... pcmAttach: HDA ATI R6xx HDMI PCM #0 HDMI at cad 0 nid 1 +--------------------------------------+ | DUMPING PCM Playback/Record Channels | +--------------------------------------+ Playback: Stream cap: 0x00000005 AC3 PCM PCM cap: 0x00020070 16 bits, 32 44 48 KHz DAC: 2 +-------------------------------+ | DUMPING Playback/Record Paths | +-------------------------------+ Playback: nid=3 [pin: Digital-out (HDMI)] | + <- nid=2 [audio output] [src: pcm] bindSeq=00000001 +-------------------------+ | DUMPING Volume Controls | +-------------------------+ OSS mixer initialization... Registering PCM channels... FG config/quirks: forcestereo ivref50 ivref80 ivref100 ivref HP switch init... +-------------------+ | DUMPING HDA NODES | +-------------------+ Default Parameter ----------------- Stream cap: 0x00000001 PCM PCM cap: 0x00020070 16 bits, 32 44 48 KHz IN amp: 0x00000000 OUT amp: 0x00000000 nid: 2 Name: audio output Widget cap: 0x00000201 DIGITAL STEREO Association: 0 (0x00000001) OSS: pcm (pcm) Stream cap: 0x00000001 PCM PCM cap: 0x00020070 16 bits, 32 44 48 KHz nid: 3 Name: pin: Digital-out (HDMI) Widget cap: 0x00400381 DIGITAL UNSOL STEREO Association: 0 (0x00000001) Pin cap: 0x00000094 PDC OUT HDMI Pin config: 0x18560010 Pin control: 0x00000040 OUT connections: 1 enabled 1 | + <- nid=2 [audio output] The smbios section of Darwin Dumper shows processor type Asset Tag: Intel® Core i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz