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  1. MSI Wind with retail installation randomly shuts down

    Damn I guess I'm going to have to order a new battery, I don't really want to go through the whole process and then sending it MSI. Thanks.
  2. MSI Wind with retail installation randomly shuts down

    Original 6 Cell that came in the box from MSI
  3. Hey guys I have an MSI wind running Leopard 10.5.6 everything is working perfectly here is some background info on my system: model: u100-432US with 6 Cell Battery Bios: 1.0A I added 1gb of ram I swapped out the wireless card for a Dell 1490 I have the synaptics touchpad. I have everything working perfectly, I used the retail DVD installation method. Now here is my problem: when running on AC power everything is fine, when fully charged (according to leopard battery meter) it runs fine. when the battery gets down to like 50% or less i get random shutdowns. the computer shuts down and when i try to turn it back on it just shuts down again. Its almost as if the battery is drained? but it cant be because i havent used it enough since a full charge, and the meter says i have about 50% power left. When i called MSI they told me to ship the whole computer to them, but i would hate to have to reinstall windows and then go through the whole leopard process again. and i'm afraid they wont be able to replicate the problem with windows. anyone experience this? any ideas or suggestions?