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  1. Where are my Gigabytes?

    thank you!! I've found the problem, or I have nearly found the problem. The System is writing some very big .asl Files and Logs, the systemlog is repeating a message : Aug 31 14:27:50: --- last message repeated 31 times --- Aug 31 14:27:50 noname kernel[0]: FEDE - AppleNForceATA: createChannelCommands( 0x3aee000) Aug 31 14:27:50 noname kernel[0]: FEDE Casteo a IOAABUSCommand64 Aug 31 14:27:50 noname kernel[0]: FEDE Obtengo el comaqndo DMA Aug 31 14:27:50 noname kernel[0]: FEDE obtengo el descriptor de memoria Aug 31 14:27:50 noname kernel[0]: FEDE entro al ciclo Aug 31 14:27:50 noname kernel[0]: FEDE genero 32IOVMSegments This is one piece of it. I will now try to solve the problem and again, thanks for the app, it helped me alot.
  2. Hey guys, I have a little problem. I have a 120GB HDD and on it is my Mac OSX86 and some apps and three games I think, all in all 32GB. I'd marked all the folders on my HDD and there is 40 GB used. I can't imagine that the system is using 80GB, because I have only 500 MB free space. I'd restarted my computer several times, deleted some temp files....but now im stuck.. Anyone knows where my storage is ?