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  1. Thanks had to also install FakeSMC.kext as well it booted into ML. Just have to setup bootloader and ###### now.
  2. I have nullcpupowermanagement.kext on the usb flash drive in the /s/l/e dir on my usb stick. I am able to boot from the usb stick fine but then when i select the HDD in chameleon boot loader that I installed ML on. It immediate KP's with the unsupported CPU error. I never get a command prompt to be able to install any kexts to the HDD.
  3. My system as follows Motherboard: ASRock x79 extreme 3 CPU: intel i7 3280 sandy bridge Memory: 32 gig Video card: Nvidia 580GTX I've been able to create a bootable USB install drive. I have to boot with cpus=1 flag otherwise I get video lag with the GUI. I had to find some additional kexts to get the 580gtx to work. It works now. I am able to install ML to the HDD. However when rebooting after the install then picking the HDD. I get an unsupported CPU kernel panic. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
  4. I'm trying to make an app but run into a question it's probably very easy but I'm new to mac development. I want to create a button like a next or continue button that will either close the current window and open a new one or remove the current items on the window and put up new stuff. Basically like on installers where you have next and back buttons.
  5. Hello I have installed IPC final 10.5.6. The drivers included with the DVD did not work however I did find a natit installer. This kinda of works. I have a problem where after running a 3D application like WoW or Everquest for about 5 to 10 mintues the whole computer will power off. I have read some articles about having to flash 512mb cards. When I go into the system profiler it shows my card as a 7300GT vram of 512 Card Id of 0x0393 and vendor Id of 0x10de. Any idea what is wrong?