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  1. ATI Moblity Radeon HD 3650 on iDeneb 1.3

    Hi everybody, any luck on HD 3650 w/ GDDR3 256MB and non Toshiba? None of the packages work for me :-( Thx
  2. Hi As the title of says this “guide” should be seen as a workaround to the known issue of not being able to install OSx86 on notebooks with VIA VT6421 controller (like mine: FSC Amilo xi 1546). Please correct me if I am mistaken but I still didn’t find a solution for it as there are no drivers for this controller for OSx86. After days struggling with the problem and reading hundreds of forums I finally found a solution which fits to my needs thanks to a hint given from someone (sorry I don’t remember the name anymore!) in one of the many threads about this problem. So, having a notebook with this controller there are several choices you may consider: a. Completely forget OSx86 b. Trash your notebook and invest $$$$$$$ on a new compatible one c. Forget native boot of OSx86 and install it as a virtual machine ou external HDD (it works, and there are enough guides explaining it, just google a bit) d. Keep your hardware and invest a few $$ (far less than option b ) and mod it so you will be able to install and native boot OSx86 from a 2nd(3rd) internal HDD of the notebook This is all about option d). PROS: You will be able to install OSx86 on a internal HDD CONTRAS: You loose your internal DVD drive and need to use a USB one. Eventual Warranty VOID! Attention!! Though this “upgrade”/”mod” or whatever you may want to call doesn’t require opening the notebook to install the new components, it requires replacing the DVD drive with a SATA/ATA caddy adapter. This is done easily (at least on the xi 1546, just removing 1 screw) but you SHOULD consider all the issues regarding WARRANTY VOID of your specific hardware by doing it!! What you’ll need: - SATA or ATA caddy Adapter (I used a universal SATA for xi2528 that worked with my xi1546) (30 to 50 EUR) - SATA or ATA 2.5” HDD - external USB DVD drive This mod worked for my Hardware (FSC Amilo xi 1546) Goal: - Dual boot Vista/OSx86 with native boot of OSx86 on a 3rd internal HD and keep my other OS (Vista 64bit) on the RAID HDDs Steps: 1) Install the new Hardware: 1a) disconnect the notebook from power and remove the battery! Don't forget you will loose your settings doing this so write them down if you don't know what you are doing 1b) remove the DVD drive by removing the screw on the bottom of the notebook (on Amilo xi 1546) and pulling the drive out of the notebook 1c) install the HDD in the caddy adapter and insert it in the notebook slot 1d) connect an external USB DVD drive for booting the OSx86 DVD 1e) reconnect the battery and power cable 1f) enter the BIOS. Adjust the settings. You should now see the new HD as IDE HDD and your USB DVD drive. Change the boot order (1 USB DVD, 2 IDE HDD, 3 your normal RAID HDDs) 2) Prepare the new HDD and install OSx86 2a) Prepare the HDD as MBR Volume, create a new partition for OSx86 and format it as FAT32!! I used the boot CD from Acronis Disk Director Suite 10 as OSx86 had problems with the partition created by Vista and refused to mount it. 2b) boot from OSx86 DVD and call disk utility before continuing the install. You should see the HDD but it is not mounted (well, it was not in my case). Select the partition you created and select "erase". Format it as "extended (journaled)". At this time OSx86 will be able to mount the disk and you will be able to install OSx86 on this disk. Don’t worry if you have Vista or XP or what ever installed on the RAID HDDs as OSx86 will not see them (VIA VT6421, remember?) and therefore not touch them. After install, reboot. Now, for dual booting there are several options. In my specific case I simply use the Boot menu from Alienware to boot from the drive I want. That suites to my needs. You can also use an additional bootloader (like EasyCBD, there are lots of guides for dual booting, just google). As easy as that. You will be able to install OSx86 and boot from it. This is only one possibility that worked for me. I hope it will help, at least you may consider this option... My Hardware: Modded FSC Amilo xi 1546 Alienware BIOS CPU T7600 2x 2GB DDR2 RAM 2x 160 GB Hitachi HTS722016K9SA0 as RAID0 (VISTA 64Bit) 1x Samsung SATA II ST9320421ASG (in Adapter) ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650