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  1. hum. this means they don't have macs to test their software !? holly {censored} micro$oft !
  2. Well, im wondering if we will see some update to run Stoplight on Leopard !
  3. a little birdie tweets - 9A559

    Hi guys! Can someone tell me if .mac sync is working well ? bookmarks, mail, contacts, ical etc Thanks !!
  4. Battery Update 1.2 Released

    I just called Apple yesterday after my MBC2D battery die ! They said they are sending new battery by this weekend to replace it...
  5. 8-Core Mac Pro Released

    Also available in Japan.. 3-5 business day to ship
  6. The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum!

    Hey guys, why don't make poll to ask about the site design to be changed or not? good way to start with all opinions don't you think? GAMBATTE !
  7. Apple TV - What we know so far.

    Already changed the HD to new one ( 100GB ) doing the steps from here: http://www.appletvhacks.net/2007/03/23/app...pgrade-process/ All works fine !
  8. InsanelyMac is for sale

    Please dont sell it to Bill Gates or Steve Jobs ! Really hope the (next) buyer keeps it as it are now ! Good lucky Swad and thank you for all you did!
  9. Apple TV - What we know so far.

    Email me !
  10. Apple TV - What we know so far.

    Yes and Im able to try and make any tests. I will just change the HD today to bigger one. After that i can play with the original HD. Just let me know what you guys want me to do. I think i have all hardwares we will need to try anything.
  11. Apple TV - What we know so far.

    I just got my ?TV yesterday. I will replace the HD to one i have ( 100GB ). I also have new Airpot Extreme and have my entire iTunes library in a USB hard disk plugged on it. Im wondering if we can create an Alias on ?TV to read the files directly.. so we dont need to worry about space there. I will try it when i back from work tonight.
  12. A History of OSx86 – Part I

    Amazing ! I remember all this time. I was checking it day by day in mac iBook G4 and buy one PC to start the install of the firsts images.. Thank you all guys to make possible be a part of this revolution! What a great time!
  13. sooo close to installing

    Is your mac partition listed when you "list partition" ? if so, did you just try to select it and make it active?
  14. Please help this has been bothering me for a month!

    Are you using ATA or SATA HD ? How they are conected ? If ATA, plug it with your DVD-ROM as Master on primary IDE of your mainboard abd try again. Try different ways and in your BIOS make boot sequence DVD-ROM, HD, etc and if more than 1 HD, put the one you are installing in 1st.