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    two boots before el capitan OK

    In this case I had to disable EIST in BIOS, then everything worked fine!
  2. xaverloisl

    Chameleon OS X El Capitan

    SOLVED by disabling EIST function in CPU BIOS.
  3. xaverloisl

    Clover multiple boot screens...

    Wondering if nobody experienced the same or nobody is interested in solving this behavior... ...as it is really annoying to me I tried and solved the problem by myself - if it is the only way I don't know and so far there was no single response to this issue. I'm working with ESP partition CLOVER. Deleting the boot files (obviously not needed) helped to solve the issue in my case. My root partition itself does not cary any boot file any more, nor does the BOOT directory within the EFI directory. Also all drivers have been deleted (all 32bit, all 32bit UEFI and all64bit UEFI drivers), there are actually no directories for these in my CLOVER directory any more nor the classic CLOVERX32.efi. There is only FakeSMC in my kexts directory, and it does not need to be in the vanilla SLE directory. WORKING :-)
  4. Good work is needed for proper human development!

  5. GA Z68MX UD2H B3 F13 i2600K Geforce GT 740 Firewire 800 PCI I installed El Capitan successful and I use Clover bootloader v3330. However I have multiple boot screens to pass thru... 1st I see Clover screen w/1024x768 (information shows EFI Revision 2.10) I have to exit Clover because there are no bootable drives listed here after a short while it shows me b1f init5 - then it proceeds and 2nd I see Clover in adjusted (config.plist) resolution with all drives listed (information shows EFI Revision 2.50). I can select the one I want to boot of and everything is fine :-) I tried DEFAULTVOLUME and DEFAULTLOADER, I deleted entries in the Shell, I installed different boot stages boot0af, boot0ss, boot1h with no success... Anybody has an idea how to get rid of the unneccessary 1st sreen and how to get instantly to b1f init5 ?
  6. xaverloisl


    Thank you, I suggest the original package OS X El Capitan Installation GM Candidate is still necesary?! Rename to ?
  7. xaverloisl

    Chameleon OS X El Capitan

    My workaround: Z68MX-UD2H-B3 F13, GT 740, DSDT, SSDT, plist=kext-dev-mode=1 nvda_drv=1, Yosemite 10.10.5 w/Enoch 2725 running Chris, I just saw your thread of installing El Capitan via Chameleon and gave it a try. I stuck with PCI Configuration... Any idea? PowerManagement? I've checked and Null is already in your USB installer...
  8. Works great for me on several Gigabyte MBs like P35-DS4 and EP35-DS4 with different BIOS. After installing newest Chameleon 2 RC3 removing the kernel flag <arch=x86_32> is no problem too and 64bit is enabled. NTFS-3G 4.4 does only work in 32bit however but it can be switched on and off. Thank you!