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  1. Hey, a quick note to those who helped me before, id like to thank you guys very much for yor support with my questions on the i7 core build. As im omw right now to micro center to pick up the parts, hehe this community is very helpful and im sure to come back here and try to help anybody else who needs it from what ive learned so far from reading. again, ty -GR12
  2. The i7 Crisis..

    hahah woot Thank you guys for the help, Now i know i can put this baby together.. oh man, shes gunna be a beast...
  3. The i7 Crisis..

    LOL im sorry i didnt mean Crysis the game, i meant as in a crisis for me, i didnt know wether or not osx would be able to handle the i7 core
  4. no way... i bought my mbp and i didnt get my ipod ;_;
  5. Hey guys im here to ask around, cousin lead me here and so I thought i could get opinions rather than his, (cuz that tard is usually wrong) anyway, Ive got a big work load ahead of me in the near future and ive got a good chunk of money coming twords me to build a rediculus PC So heres what I decided to do. Intel i7 920 Gigabyte Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R 1333 ATX 6 Gigs of Random tri ddr3 Ram, (just whatever becomes compatable) GeForce GTX 260 Black Edition 896MB GDDR3 PCIe 2.0 Graphics Card 650 watt supply (should suufice?) and thats about the jist of it I was resaearchign today and found that OS X dosnt wanna get along with multi core systems. And i heard that Snow Leopard was going to fix that problem as well. Now, i was going to buy a normal 10.5 os x and try to see if those cores would work People were telling me that osx would only get 2 cores. I just got the Aluminum MBP but im gunna need a bit more muscle for what im gunna do. thoughts, ideas, suggestions? flames? not caring? either one of the suugestions mentioned above works (take it easy on me its my first Desktop im trying to get with osx on it