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  1. Hey guys, looking for a little guidance here. I currently have an Asus P5K-SE MB and after a lot of trial and error I managed to get a hackintosh up and running. Everything except the video card worked great. Now I am transforming my PC into a HTPC. As luck has it my computer room is close to my living room. So I would like to get a MB that has a HDMI output for a simple hook up. I would like one that is an LGA 775 as I want to pop my current Core 2 Duo CPU in it. I will be using the HTPC with windows and will also put my two SATA HDs in it, my SATA DVD RW and my 4 GBS of RAM. So basically just a MB swap. I also have a Audigy 2 soundcard and a Radeon x1650, I'd like to do away with both and go onboard. Even though I'll be using it mostly under Windows I'd still like to play around with OS X, so a board that will take care of my main need plus one as compatible as possible with OS X would be much appreciated. I have looked around a bit and found a couple from ASUS and Gigabyte but am not sure which would be better or if there is another I'm missing or even something newer. Thanks guys.
  2. I have always wanted a Mac, and still plan on getting one in the next year. But when I first heard of this website and the work you guys have done I had to try it. I tried it about 8-10 months ago but could never get it to boot properly. I recently tried the iAtkos 5 build and managed to get my hackintosh to boot. Unfortunately with no sound or internet.- In the meantime I had become intrigued with Apple TV and recently picked one up. I had thought of waiting for a bit and getting a Mac Mini. I had read that a Mac could run the ATV software but opted for the ATV mainly for the HDMI connection. I know DVI is the same but I love the one wire connection. I do love my Apple TV, but don't like the converting to get the videos to run right. I did install Boxee but have thought maybe I should have gotten a Mini. But I was looking at some newer Motherboards and saw some that caught my eye. What I have thought about doing was replacing my ATV with a PC connected to my TV via a HDMI cable. This is my current setup: -ASUS P5K-SE MB -Core 2 DUO LGA 775 CPU -Radeon X1650 Video card -Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Sound Card -3 SATA HDs, 1 for Windows, 1 for OS X and one for media storage -1 SATA DVD RW -1 IDE DVD Rom -4 GB RAM -Mushkin 550 W modular PS I really don't do any gaming at all anymore on my PC, I have a PS3 for that. I mainly use it for some light video editing but mostly for the internet. This MB could basically replace my video card, plus my sound card. The main reason I had hung on to this sound card was because of the firewire jack. But this MB has one built in. One motherboard that caught my eye was the Gigabyte GA-EG45M-DS2H mATX So I thought I might get this MB, and move all of my stuff over to it. I know the CPU will work, and so will the RAM. I would install XP on one HD and OS X on one of the others. What I am wondering, is could I hook my monitor up in my computer room, and also have the HDMI out to my LCD TV at the same time? My computer room is next to my living room so running the cable is no problem, I alread have video cables going into the PC to capture video. But I would like to try and get as a full functioning hackintosh as possible. I'd like video support, audio, internet and be able to run as many programs as possible. I don't know how possible this is, I know that OS X works well, but what about apps such as iLife or iWork? Then I could put the ATV OS on as well if I really wanted to. But even if the OS X didn't work 100% I could still watch movies and listen to music through my TVs HDMI port with Windows. But I thought if I'm going to upgrade I might as well try and get a hackintosh working at the same time. Sorry for the lengthy post, I just want to try and get my project acrossed. I someone has a better MB suggestion I'm all ears. Thanks Guys!