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  1. I had the same problem on my system. It turns out that having my SATA drives set as IDE instead of raid in the bio will not let it get past the Verifying DMI Pool Data for reasons I do not know. Hope some one with more knowlage can help.
  2. Bryon

    HELP NEEDED! Bootup woes

    The first thing would be to boot with the -v flag and see were OSX is stopping at. When you boot to OSX press the enter key when the count down start then type -v OSX will show what it is doing instead of the background.
  3. Just finished install of Zephyroth Leopard 10.5.2 V.2 for AMD. The main thing I noticed was System Profiler sees my CPU correctly including 2 cores V.1 would see only one. Still can't boot directly from the OSX drive. I have to go though the Vista boot loader. If I boot from the OSX drive I get a Disk Boot Failure every time. Using the Vista bootloader with tboot works just fine. Thing is Vista and OSX are not on the same drive. OSX is on my primary ATA and Vista is on my SATA. The only problem I can see is System Profiler thinks I have 16 GB of ram instead of 2 GB!! If anyone knows how to fix that it would be great. One last think for some reason the MicrosoftMouseHelper keep hanging forcing my Wireless Laser Mouse 600 to plain 3 button. The only way to get it back is to reboot or unplug the receiver and plug it back in.
  4. Well after a lot of trial and error I finally got everything installed correctly. The main problem I had was getting OSX to boot from the HDD instead of having to leave the DVD in the drive. I keep getting a Disk Boot Failure no matter what I tried and I tried every guide I could find. Well today I came across this http://www.digitmemo.com/articles/658/howt...ot-setup-guide/. I thought I would give the chain0 boot a try again from Vista and this time it worked. The part that I used was at the end put tboot on Vista boot partition, usually C:\ Open a command prompt and make sure it’s running as administrator and type: bcdedit /create /d "Mac OSX Leopard" /application bootsector This will retrun a {ID} Use the command line below to add the tboot, replace the {ID} accordingly: bcdedit /set {ID} device boot bcdedit /set {ID} path \tboot bcdedit /displayorder {ID} /addlast PC: Custom Build Graphics: BFG 7800GS OC(AGP) qe/ci Mobo: K8T Neo2 v2.0 Sound: AC97 (ALC655) works good (2 channel only) Hard Disk Drives: PATA 0: Master: 80gig WD - OSX Slave : 160g WD - Vista Game/Media Drive PATA 1: LG 24x DVD Burner - Works with OSX as Generic Burner SATA 0: 160g WD - Vista WIFI: D-Link WDA-2320 (works with the 10.4.8 update IO80211Family.kext) Extra: pc_efi(MBR), NVida drivers, AC97, VIA drivers. Overall/Summary: Works great now.
  5. Bryon

    OSX 10.5.1 ""WELCOME LOOP" Help

    Ok here is what I found works for this problem. I have tried most every thing including disabling my nic in the BIOS and pulling out my Wireless card nothing helped it would still loop. If I used the graphics mode option it would skip the Video intro but still loop. That is when I remembered that I had gone though that part earlier when I had my PS/2 keyboard plugged in instead of my USB. So I rebooted with the PS/2 plugged in and it when right on though to the registration page. I then unplugged the PS/2 and plugged my USB back in and it worked just fine. So in my case it had nothing to do with the network cards at all. I verified this by doing a re-install with the nic and wireless both turn on from the beginning same thing. Now if I could get it to boot without the DVD in the drive!
  6. Bryon

    The Preparation

    Before you jump in to far you might what to read up on how to do a few of the basic things first. Learn how to burn an ISO file and booting from cd. Learn what you can about your hardware, is it all going to work with OSX? These are thing you need to know before you try to install.
  7. Are you mounting the DVD with VMWare? I have heard of problems doing it that way. You should try Daemon Tools or Alcohal 120% they both seem to work fine.
  8. Bryon

    NIC Help

    I could not get the VIA Rhine II to ever work in my AMD 3000+ x64 so I got a Realtek 8139 at Best Buy cost about $9.00 and it works great. That might be the best bet you will have no trouble getting the 8139 to work.
  9. Bryon

    iTunes music store Error

    Works fine on my P4 box with: CPU Type: Intel¨ Pentium¨ 4 CPU Number Of CPUs: 1 CPU Speed: 2.4 GHz L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB CPU Features: FPU VME DE PSE TSC MSR PAE MCE CX8 APIC SEP MTRR PGE MCA CMOV PAT PSE36 CLFSH DS ACPI MMX FXSR SSE SSE2 SS HTT TM EST Memory: 512 MB (DDR PC2700) Bus Speed: 533 MHz Boot ROM Version: 1.02 (American Megatrends Inc.) But on my AMD 64 box I get the out of memmory error: AMD 64 3000+ (socket 754) 2gig DDR Also AMI Bios So the out of memmory is bogus I have not been able to track the problem down any more than that. Both systems are running 10.4.7 plus the Security update from Apple update latest Quick Time and ITunes.
  10. Bryon

    What network cards work?

    My builtin bc44 will not work for some reason. It is detected and picks up the IP address from my router but that is about it. Network Utility shows the link speed at 0 but shows the link status as active. Even setting it to full dupex 100baseTX manually does not work. Got a Realtek 8139 from local computer shop for $6.00 works great. It is stange that the bc44 did not work though works fine in Gentoo. Oh well just disabled it in bios and used the 8139.
  11. Bryon

    Screensaver VERY slow - nVidia card

    At this point the Macvidia driver are low level drives so no acceleration. In fact my 7800GS on my Athlon 64 is slower with screen updates than the Intel chipset on my P4. Plus the Intel works with "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32@100" and the 7800GS with the same line is still 60Hz
  12. From what I can remember booting from Firewire would need EFI witch a Hackintosh does not have.
  13. Bryon

    Refresh Rate Problem

    Try this at the boot promt "Graphics Mode"="1024x768x32@85" see if that works. I think that card is VESA 3.0 but somebody correct me if not if so that should get you 85Hz
  14. Bryon

    USB KB&Mouse won't wake OSx

    Do you know if there are drivers for your wireless setup from the manufacture? I had the same problem with my Microsoft Wireless keyboard and mouse but the drivers from Microsoft fix it. Might give it a shot. There seems to be more and more external hardware getting support for OS X Intel.
  15. I tried installing on my CoreDuo with 2 different DVD images and found that for some reason the Jas 10.4.6 iso would reboot before the desktop would appear athough using the -v option did not reveale anything unusual that I could notice. The MacOSX_10.4.6_GoatsecxDVD installed and ran with no problems at all. Choose 1 processor 512meg ram. I do not know what the problem is with the other DVD so I know that is not much help. EDIT: That was with VMware Workstation 5.5.0 build-18463 and no special config to the virtual machine config file