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  1. Chameleon v2 Artworks

    Define Timeout & Default keys in com.apple.Boot.plist with values X for Timeout seconds and hd(x,y) for the OS you want to boot by default
  2. Logitech Bluetooth Dongle

    Yes - I have just got it to work. Took a while though! I am using version 2.1.3 of IOBluetoothHIDDriver.kext and IOBluetoothFamily.kext installed with Kext Helper b7 [these are from a 10.5.6 install DVD] I am able to pair up and use my dinovo keyboard and mouse [even the volume keys on the keyboard work]. You can check the version you have installed by looking at /System/Library/Extensions/IOBluetoothFamily.kext/Contents/Info.plist I'm going to take a look at DoubleCommand now to sort out the keyboard assignments
  3. Same here, got the kexts working and loaded, but I cant pair any device including an apple wireless keyboard!
  4. Logitech Bluetooth Dongle

    I've DL the kext and the installer helper and will try it out over the weekend and get back to you. I am running retail 10.5.6 with the logitech dongle with the default apple drivers and the Logitech dongle is not seen my OSX. but the keyboard and mouse work - I just got a apple wireless keyboard, and like you, want to get it to work with the dongle. It's not a connectivity issue as I've been able to pair up the apple keyboard with the LT dongle under Vista. What IS weird is that I have had it working once, and only once last night, where I got the Apple Bluetooth ICON appearing in the top bar and I was able to use both keyboards [Dinovo & Apple Wireless] plus the mouse but sadly when I tested it post reboot it just disappeared and I've been unable to get it back since. I've also downloaded a utility that allows you to attach commands to mouse buttons ETC [Can;t rememebr what it's called at the mo - I am at work] and this see's the mouse & dongle and allows a probe of the USB stack which see's the dongle. Bottom line is that there is not a "supported" driver for the LT dongle for OSX which is why it does not appear as a bluetooth device. Looking at the LT site it does clearly state that the Dinovo combo is not supported for OSX I'm holding out on the kext if not - I'll buy a 3rd party BT Dongle and use that as well as the logitech for dual boot purposes.