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  1. i have had good luck with any hardware that says it works natively on mac. i was looking at getting this one myself. not yet tryed it but this seems to be the best cost/benefit.. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...Syba-_-16124028
  2. ok, so sorry for wasting everyone time and taking over the forum… sleep is working.. total user error.. the first time i did it i got a KP at: Final Step: "Install bootloader and kexts". so i thought that meant i needed to install EmpireEFI again on my new install before ridgelines installer. i just started over at square one and now see the error of my ways.. thanks to everyone for the help…
  3. yes i have dun a clean install since then and never put it back on.
  4. Ridgeline: i did repair permissions. no other apps installed. just a clean osx install on a fresh format. using 10.6 image and then combo to 10.6.3. i can put it to sleep from the tool bar, then wait a min or so and try to wake but no response.. only peripherals are an apple usb keyboard and logitech usb mouse. power button causes restart. unix_fan: my dsdt is the one on Ridgelines site for the Q8200. I made no changes, and he made it from the screen cap of my cpu. (Thanks again Ridgeline.) http://www.ridgel1ne.com/OSX86/DSDT_Downlo...files/Q8200.zip
  5. bios= ver. 8 ACPI= S3 HPET= 64 floppy= disabled. i know its not a hardware problem because sleep worked with the previous install method on the same box.. I am just trying the ridgeline method because 10.6.4 broke my audio with the old method… thanks to everyone for the help.. i may just try to live without sleep..
  6. oh yes. forgot to mention that. yes i did try the generic DSDT... still no wake from sleep.
  7. i have Rev 1.0 tried with no thumb drive and no pleasesleep. still no wake. also tried to reinstall with 10.6 then combo it 10.6.3 (previously used combo to 10.6.4) still no help.. is there a post somewhere with screen caps of the bios on this MB? i am going by the tonymacx86 guide for bios but it is a bit different.. http://tonymacx86.blogspot.com/2010/04/ibo...ac-os-x-on.html
  8. i was not going to do a dual boot this time, it is currently just an SL install, on a single partition. is a windows partition a requirement for this method?
  9. graphics=ASUS GeForce EN8400GS 512MB 64-bit DDR2 PCI Express 2.0 x16 it is in the closest slot to the cpu that it will fit in as for other hardware its down to the essentials.. q8200 cpu, 2x2gb ram, 1: 300gb hd (freshly formated) dvd not plugged in, and the only peripherals are a usb mouse&keyboard and thumb drive with the install on it.
  10. i'm trying ridgelines method on a clean install. all seems ok except sleep. it will go to sleep fine but will not wake. seems to be the same problem UnaClocker had back in post #473 i have disconnected my sata dvd i have checked the box for "startup automatically after power failure." i am running PleaseSleep & my DSDT was just made from my screen cap by Ridgeline for the Q8200 C2Q any other ideas?
  11. i started doing it on my first hackintosh. there were a lot of reasons to do it then, less so now. it made it a bit easier to keep tract of multiple installs on 1 hd and dual/triple boot. also it keeps the install partition as a clean standard install, that makes it so you can take an HD formatted for a real mac and boot. or stick your hackintosh drive in a real mac with no probs. but mainly it just makes it a bit easier to fix stuff. when i updated to 10.6.3 and got the KP i just have cham boot to my 10.6.2 back up clone partition and fix the files on the 10.6.3. i am sure there are better ways to do it but im to lazy to start over right now..
  12. hay everybody, I just got around to updating to 10.6.3. I ran in to the KP for sleep enabler followed by the sound issues.. been banging my head for a wile on the sound thing. I tried iRobie's fix first and then the install package that Ridgeline put together. neither worked for me.. i suspect Ridgeline's installer did not work for me because my Chameleon and extras are installed on a separate partition. I finally got iRobie's method to work after reading back through some posts and realizing i was using an outdated "mkexttool.app". i downloaded and ran "Kext Utility.app" and now all seems to be well. thanks again to everyone for doing what you do.
  13. for dsdt I used all manual fixes from: Using DSDT on the GA-EP45-DS3L and the audio fix in the first post of this thread from iRobie from my understanding you can put the kext in to either the "SL/extensions" or the "extra/ extensions". i use the "extra/extensions" just for the sake of tidiness. but make sure you run the mkexttool.app with the kext in the "extra/extensions" folder and put the resulting "extensions.mkext" file in the "extra" folder, not the extra/extensions". mkexttool is here: http://insanelymac.blogspot.com/2008/12/mk...from-pcwiz.html i have everything working (except the firewire card still) using this method.
  14. for audio i am using the LegacyHDA_ALC888B.kext with the LegacyHDAPlatformDriver.kext here is a zip of the extensions i used: http://rapidshare.com/files/328297715/G41M...L_kext.zip.html
  15. for DSDT i used this guide: DSDT Guide for GA-EP45-DS3L from this thred:Using DSDT on the GA-EP45-DS3L the key for me was flashing the bios with the latest version "F6" found here: http://www.gigabyte.us/Support/Motherboard...=3022#anchor_os and then start fresh using the guide and the bios "F6" file. you cant use a random DSDT. too many variables. different hardware installed in different slots with different bios versions. so you really need to make your own. the guide makes it pretty easy. it just seems a lot more complicated than it really is.