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  1. Thanks core i5, My hp dv4-1030ee, click here for product specifications, works fine using your guide. But I still feel that the computer doesn't run as it should be. My camera is recognized, but when I want to use it, it shows a black picture. USB are ok, and I guess if I install the card reader kext, the card reader will work too. I would like to learn on how /Extra and /System/Library/Extension folders are involved in improving my hardware. Is /Extra folder is just a temporary folder contains some kexts files, or it is identical of /System/Library/Extension folder? I also want to know what exactly DSDT used for? I wonder if I can get mine from somewhere like in Windows or Linux! When I use Skype, sometime audio device keeps disconnect and microphone hardly catch me talking. Any idea?
  2. How can I access DSDT and make some changes? What should I do to make these changes? I mean should prepare myself to grab some info from Windows 7 I have hp dv4-1030ee, and I can't figure out the way I should follow to implement my own method in installing drivers and fixing hardware's issues! Thanks,
  3. USB 2.0 for Leopard 10.5.7

    Hi everyone, I tried to figure out the way how to solve the problem on my hp dv4-1030ee Can anyone help me to give a complete instruction on how to install USB correctly without having any crash issues since I have been installing iDeneb distribution for the seventh time! I really would love to install the clean retail DVD have everything installed as required since distribution such as iDeneb won't cover everything laptops might need to have. I would appreciate your help guys and hopefully this is will another people who would have the same issue in the near time Thank you
  4. Everything works fine except the problem I told you about. It seems the webcam is connected as USB2 device where USB2 allows other devices to plug and detected by OS X. I found this since I tried to install the pre-customized DVD (iDeneb 1.4) and it works fine. Unfortunately, when I need to plug my usb flash memory, the system start freezing, and has to be restarted! My USB keyboard works fine once I plug it before I start the computer, but when I unplug it and connect it again, it won't be detected so I have to restart system Do you think I have to do something with my BIOS firmware or not? Or it is something has to be done like any other kext patches! Thanks for your help
  5. Dear Ed, I would be happy to be a tester on your guide process, but the guide will be applied on hp dv4-1030ee. I will write down the list of the hardwares I have on this specific model: - CPU 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P7350 - Memory RAM 2048 (2 x 1024 MB) - GPU NVIDIA GeForce 9200M GS - Ethernet 10/100BT integrated network interface (RealTek) - IDT 92HD71B7 Sound card I downloaded the latest mac dvd which is 10.5.6 It went great as you described, but the problem was with the usb devices I tried to plug my usb flash, it didn't detect anything neither show it in the disk utility. I downloaded the package you have provided and put it in my usb flash so now I can't access it to complete the process. I tried to download it again from the link you have attached since network card is working with my local network cable, but there is a problem in the host file server! Please help me to fix the problem with my USB and my cam as well and also check the link you have attached to download the package! Thank you