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  1. PCI Configuration Begin

    Solved with ACIPI/PCI nawcom kexts in E/E and npci=0x2000 in com.apple.Boot.plist kernel flags. Previously I had to manually enter npci value from keyboard stopping the bootup process. Pentium D 3.6 Ghz Asus P5LD2 Deluxe Geforce 7300gs 256Mb OS 10.6.8 update from a 10.6.3 retail install ( myHack 1.1 ) some patches and 32 bit forced kernel startup ( arch=i386 npci=0x2000 )
  2. macinthoshiano pentito da mac a pc da pc su macpc

    Cambia scheda madre. Sad but true. Ho dovuto venderla perchè la P5K non permetteva di impostare l'AHCI nel BIOS ( se fai un pò di ricerche vedrai che ho ragione ), quindi sono passato ad una AsRock Conroe1333-D667. Ho lo stesso tuo processore, e come scheda video ho una GeForce 7300 GS; ho maggiori prestazioni dell'iMac 20" che mi sono comprato un mese fa ( tenuto in assistenza un mese perchè si è subito guastato il lettore dvd ) su video ed audio ( Final Cut e Logic Pro ). Installazione con Jas 10.4.8 + Koolkal 10.4.10 updates, driver Realtek ( della CASA ) per la scheda di rete. Suono solo 2 canali out, ma chissenefrega tanto ho la MOTU 828 MKII firewire. Perfetto, aspetto una vera release di Leopard ( Midral sta lavorando ad una italiana, speriamo bene ) per upgrade al sistema, per adesso come di consuetudine nei sistemi Mac a differenza di Winzozz, cambiero "squadra" solo se ce n'è bisogno"
  3. JaS.10.4.8.Intel.SSE3.Only verifica dvd fallita

    Anche a me...credo che sia l'installatore di Jas che non funzioni; sono ripartito dalla 10.4.7, poi Jas combo 10.4.8 e kernel Semthex Beta9.
  4. [ITA] Ma il nuovo update?

    No, ti serve una versione patched; leggendo il post in inglese sembra che sia uscito un update di Jas dalla 10.4.6 alla 10.4.7 nel circuito torrent...a meno che tu non abbia un Mac originale ...
  5. ADD2 VGA Output

    I have the same problem, I've bought one of these ADD2 card but it only have a DVI-D output so I can't use a standard DVI-I to VGA converter. Next time I will try to be much more informed about DVI connectors ( and compliant devices too ) before buying something useless.
  6. Extended Desktop ( dual display ) video cards

    Well, after two weeks I've finally received that ADD2 card but..surprise! The DVI connector was a DVI-D type one, so I can trash out my DVI-I to VGA converter I own 2 LCD display with standard VGA input so.. Maybe in a couple of years I will have a DVI tv or projector to use this output (only digital) but till then, it seems I must surrender to use on monitor, I don't want to spend further 200 euros to buy a DVI-D to VGA converter. Hoping you may be luckier than me. Thrasher
  7. Extended Desktop ( dual display ) video cards

    I will try this ADD 2 card, I've seen one from Asus surfing the web, thanks for your reply. Thrasher
  8. What fan on an ATI X1600XT ?

    I will suggest you to go to an electronic shop, buy a little fan, cut broken fan wires (usually attached on card) and solder them the new fan ones. Try to fix it on dissipator using self mounting screws..unleash fantasy dude! Thrasher P.S. Have you got EXTENDED-DESKTOP-QE+CI-higher resolutions using that card? Can you use both GMA900 Intel integrated VGA and PCI-E ( as claimed by Asrock)? I'm curious, I've got your same configuration..
  9. Well, I'll start this topic in english and italian, any contribute in both languages is welcome. I'm an happy owner of an Asrock P4Dual-915GL motherboard, I run Tiger 10.4.6 and use it with Logic Express 7.2 with a Motu 828MkII. I use mobo GMA 900 video card but it would useful to have a second monitor for mixing tracks, as I've done with Cubase-WinXp for a long time. Asrock claims its mobo to support both AGI slot and chipset video cards, but reading some posts on this forum ( I don't rembember where ) shows that this function doesn't work as expected. Maybe this question has been asked several time, but I will do it again: Any supported EXTENDED DESKTOP-QE-CI video card working ? ( I mean VGA and DVI with adapter both ) ATI x1600 PCI-E cards are a mistery to me, I can't understand how they may doesn't work as this kind of graphic is present on Apple MacIntel major models. I think we have to wait for so long yet... Thrasher P.S. Big Thankx for Asrock, for me the best hardware producer since last two years, U really rock! My MacIntel: PIV 3.00 Ghz HT 800 FSB Asrock P4Dual-915GL 1Gb DDR400 dual channel ( 2x512 Elixir modules ) 2 80Mb Serial ATA Maxtor HD NEC DVD Recorder Lacie firewire 400+USB2 PCI card MOTU 828MkII for audio OSX 10.4.6 native install with SSE3 patches. ====== Per gli italiani: il mio inglese è più che comprensibile e non ho molto tempo per tradurre, in sintesi vi chiedo se qualcuno è riuscito a collegare due monitor ad un qualche diavolo di scheda AGP o PCI-E che sia. Magare con qualche risoluzione "tosta" e con il supporto QE+CI ... Ciaooo