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  1. Wiring For G5 Fans

    I was wondering if someone could tell me the Amp rating for the G5 92mm intake and the rear exhaust fans, Thanks
  2. Nevermind, I figured out the problem.
  3. Still looking for a section of the G5 board with the I/O ports on it. Anyone let me know if you have one for sale.
  4. I'm want to buy a original G5 I/O strip from someone in the UK, my case model layout is the one with the modem, ethernet, 2 FW ports, 2 USB ports etc etc... If you have one or have a dead mobo and are willing to cut the strip off for me I'd be interested in buying it provided its in good condition and the price is right. I just want the I/O strip and not the whole mobo to cut down on postage. I can pay via PayPal. Just reply in here or PM me, thanks.
  5. I was wondering if anyone could PLEASE help me! I bought a G5 case a while back which was pristine, went on holiday and came back to find the inside of the case full of areas of corrosion / oxidisation. They were centered around smudges which someone had obviously left when removing the internal parts before I bought it (maybe some corrosive cooling fluid or oil was on their fingers). None of these damaged areas were visible when I bought the case, it didnt make them because I used gloves to work inside so maybe the house got damp when I was away or something. The inside of the G5 case is not anodised like the outside (which is fine) and now it looks quite terrible which is such a shame. I know there have been other stories of Apple aluminium corrosion, people have had pitting and oxidisation on their macbooks. Basically what can I do to get rid of it? I have tried using silvo polish which works to some extent but makes the matt finish turn shiny. I could sandblast but it will look questionable and I would have to un-rivet the case. I have had this issue for over a while now because the damage put me off the case mod completely for over a year, its just been sitting there and hasnt got any worse or better. Can someone help? Thanks.
  6. Sorry about the late reply, thanks for the response apple apple. The inside of the case in un-treated bare aluminium which has started pitting in a few areas. When you say compound I dont really know what to use as it might mess up the areas next to it which are fine. I used some light sandpaper which seemed ok but it left visible areas of smudging. If anyone else has some input I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  7. I bought a G5 case a while back on the net and it was used, had all the guts taken out of it but was in excellent condition, not a scratch or blemish anywhere. Anyway I have been working on converting it for ATX use (the purist approach) for a while and then I went on holiday. When I came back to my horror areas on the inside of the case has oxidized, there is a mix of pitting, hazing and smudging where someone has put thier hands when removing the inside parts (not me!). Needless to say im really damn annoyed because the point was to run it with a window. It was not like this when I left, no visible signs that this was going to happen. I thought (obviously wrongly) that because the case was entirely treated aluminium this wouldnt happen, now I find out only the outside of the case is treated for oxidsation and the inside parts are just bare aluminium. Having said that I have never seen bare aluminium do this in all my life. I was wondering if anyone knows how I can remove these marks, ive seen compounds which will only work with smooth mirror aluminium but I want it to go back to the matt sand blasted look. I was thinking of getting some aluminium coloured spray paint and lightly dusting the affected areas but it might end up looking worse. I really need some help with this because so far its only in select areas such as round the air baffles rim and on the drive shelf. Thanks
  8. Im currently doing a G5 mod in which I wont be cutting the any of the case. I feel that cutting the back is not all that necessary but it just depends on each individual and what they want. Some 'no cut' mods here have been done with great success.
  9. Mounting PSU G5

    Yeah I suppose a tenner isnt too bad, some guys on this forum got fully stocked cases (bits and all) for free! Just got to be lucky I guess. I dont want to try and fashion a metal PSU case myself because I doubt it would be safe! Im still searching for a rear fan assembly bracket (with or without fans). I gave up on finding a dead mobo for the ports and just bought extender cables, im only missing FW800 and optical connectors now. Just glad ive got the main case which is in good nick. Still got to solve the litter problem of having a full atx mobo, hahaha!
  10. Mounting PSU G5

    Just wondering, is £10 ($14) too much to pay for the G5 PSU casing? Thats how much I can get one for and seeing as its a broken power supply and all im buying is a glorifed metal box is that about the right price to pay?
  11. Mounting PSU G5

    Thanks for the reply and the pics Wiretap, The clearance on the top of the PSU looks slightly dicey! Does it actually touch the top of the cover? I think my PSU routes the case grounding through the actual plug (3-pin here in the uk). I will have to check but if there is a ground wire to the case I will reattach it to the apple PSU case. I was hoping to maybe use an 80mm fan mounted at an angle (to fit the height) to suck air in. Im just worried about heat lingering anywhere! Im will use a temp probe with alarm for sure! If those 40mm fans are quiet I may use them but its such an odd design on Apple's part. Wernt there alot of issues with the PSU's on the G5?
  12. Mounting PSU G5

    Im having similar problems with my G5 and ATX PSU. The 2 things which consern me are electrocution and airflow! I can get hold of a G5 PSU housing and dont mind putting my PSU in it but im just worried about grounding it properly. The other problem is airflow, its a long way from the lower front grille to the actual PSU components if they are located near the back. What is an effective way to create a wind tunnel effect to cool it without using those noisy 40mm fans? I dont want a fan hole above it because it will ruin the aesthetics. Any help would be great, thanks.