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  1. Ha ha! Man, that sux for you. Generally if you can't find anything for the first couple of minutes then that means its not working. Please reread my guide and try the other fixes. and then post to me and tell me whats going on, and what you've done.
  2. If you are still having trouble this guide may help: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t=#entry1112679
  3. How do I get internet to work inside of VMWared OSx86? thx,
  4. Hey, ok. There is a thing called Babel translator at Altavista, and if you can't download them, I can't help you--that has to do with your internet or something. Maybe I will upload them to mediafire/megaupload.com for everyone (so I don't get swamped with emails). PM me first
  5. Well then! -Jas is jas--21-yr-old trickster!
  6. To the stalker who hunted down my email and asked some words about ALC: 1) I cannot reply to you in email, therefore I am posting to you here 2) This guide is primarily about WIFI: caught on yet? 3) There is no gr8r tutor in this world besides -YOU- 4) If you or anybody else decides to stalk dwn my -personal- email vs PMing me--I will stalk YOU down and start asking you technical questions and see how YOU lke it! 5) Also if you had read my SIGNATURE youd see I no longer -boot- mac os x86; I virtualize: I wrote a guide on that too; same rules apply. 6) Good job! 7) You have now fixed your problem! -Thx!- -Bows- ;-) Jas -just Jas--neither Butso, Tagatha nor Bodhisattva--just a 21-yr-old trickster! If anyone else would like someone to hold their hand and walk them thru -this- complex! guide: you are more than welcome to email the wonderful poster who spat out his email in about two posts above--asking about ALC such-and-such. --This man is more knowlledgable than I, plz email him your questions as he is more than happy to offer a reply! May help! May not! Its up to you. Jas -- Everything taken care of. Heart pumps, lungs breathe, mind thinks. Jas jas-es. Jas is a 21-year-old trickster! Do not trust him at all! -Thank you!- -bows.- a hand to hold yours: zihaibin@yahoo.com.cn *a hand to hold yours: z.haibin@yahoo.com.cn *
  7. Whenever you update to Apple's airport you have to reinstall IOMPMCIA, IONETWORKINGFamily, Io80211, and maybe PCICard. Sound kexts don't effect wifi. Does it recognize your airport or not? You have to make sure you delete the extensions cache (extensions.mkext), ALL OF THEM, and repair permissions too. Also please make sha to read over my guide and see if your problem can't be fixed with one of the many solutions offered or the solutions other users have found in replies to this topic. And also make sure that your device vendor ids are (168cx001c)
  8. So have you tried everything to virtualize Mac OSx86 and not been able to do it? SunWare VirtualBox, VMWare, nothing seems to work? You've tried Kaylway, idebneb, Iatkos, and still nothing? Well the secret is this: you have to install JAS 10.4.2. The guides on VMWare virtualization were meant for JAS and that is the only one that works. That's why my guide is different from any other guide. Right now I have JAS running virtualized in Ubuntu Linux, though I am having a little trouble with wifi. Virtualization solves a lot of issues like touchpad clicking, scrolling, etc. How to do it: 1) Get JAS OSx86 Iso 2) Get VMWare Workstation (doesn't matter which version) 3) Start a new machine 4) "Other"-->"other" 5) And make sure your virtual machine has the JAS Iso as the virtual CD drive. 6) Power off the machine once you've started up. 7) Open "Mac.vmxd" and add "paevm="TRUE"" at the end, along with "ethernet0.virtualDev="e1000" 8) Also boot up into the VMWare Bios and remove all Floppys and peripheral devices for speed 9) Boot the computer into the JAS iso and Install. 10) Voila, you have a working Mac OSx86 virtualization!* *Note: you may want to suspend instead of powering it off each time as it saves on speed. I have to try the vmware tools fixes out there and install them, along with debugging my internet. I'm pretty sure there is a simple reason for it.
  9. Please post in the appropriate forum. domoarigatso jasballz
  10. Oh, sorry, I did not know. Parlez-vous francaise? Si vous trouvez parler en francaise facile, vous parlerais. What is your native language? Mssg me or email me at raymonjc@sbu.edu and I will try my best. There is also babelfish at yahoo to translate
  11. orzech: thx for the pics. u need to follow this guide. I think that you have a genuine AR5007EG since it shows that in both XP and 7 (Which is unlike mine since in XP mine reads as AR5006EG and in 7 as AR5007EG). But since you have device vendor ids of 168cx001c this guide should work for you. Note to future posters requesting help--please actually TRY my guide COMPLETELY b4 u post requesting help, NAMASTE Soundblaster: IDK ur problem exactly as u were able to connect to the university's wireless, so I'm guessing it has something to do with your 'nome' 's wireless, not the drivers. What is a 'nome' anyway? IOPMCI is IOPCMCIA
  12. I've been trying to run in linux/ubuntu and it doesn't work trying to get it to run in vmware / linux
  13. jasballz

    vmware on linux?

    google. Also download vmware linux at vmware home. Install under windows/nt, other/other or other/bsd whichever works best. Try a number of different configs for the vxd after install.