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  1. Hi there. May I ask if this was ever resolved? I have a related problem which is the most annoying thing. One time, as a test, several months ago, I connected my external PC monitor to my Powerbook (Leopard 10.5.6) DVI port. Now the settings will not go away and I have this "void" off to the right of my screen (or top, bottom or left depending on the arrangement) where it is assuming the second monitor is. If I hit F7 the screen switches to the "external" monitor. Often I have "lost" apps over there that I have to drag half was to the left then switch back to LCD. I have tried a lot of things. Deleting the windowserver.plist file from /Library/Preferences, editing it to remove all references of the external display, Detect Display and so on. The best is with Mirror Displays, but that has the effect of causing the LCD, set to 1280x854, to have a couple of inches of black space around the edge of the screen. The phantom external display is set to TV with a max resolution of 1024x768 and looks terrible on my LCD. System Profiler shows the external display as present, irrespective of the state of the windowserver.plist file, indicating it is getting it's information from somewhere else..... I simply want to remove all reference to the external display but am at a total loss as to how I can achieve this. Can anyone help? I would PAY for this information!! Thanks Marc