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  1. In the end I connected a usb ethernet to my mobo and disabled all other ethernet onboard/external cards. No problems whatsoever now with downloads and losing ip adress. Vontrapp
  2. Please could you make a bios flash patch for my p5ql/epu mobo? I was using an nforce mobo but I had the 4gb memory problem. Now with this other mobo, I have the cpus=1 problem, it wont boot without it. Thanks in advance. p5ql/epu mobo Vontrapp
  3. I have just bought a p5ql/epu mobo, having got rid of an nforce chipset mobo which was {censored} with memory. This new mobo must use cpus=1, hmm Can you make me a p5ql/epu bios mod please? Vontrapp
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  5. I currently have no problems and I'm running apples combo 10.5.6 with stock kernel 9.6. I'll keep you in mind, just in case. Ta Vontrapp
  6. Hello all, I'm a newbie to Mac; although not xp. In the last 8 weeks I've toiled with Kalyway, Iatkos and Idenib.; Ive formatted harddrives numerus time because I've tried to get the perfect unpanicking system. My last problem was ethernet disconnection. I use a dual core 2 intel 2.67 chip. I scoured the internet for this problem. Because of internet diasconnections I had to re-boot to get the ip back many times. Iatkos 10.5.6 has a fix = -cpus=1 ; that caused a slow down, 1 cpu is not as fast as a duo 2. After many thoughts I went into the bios. CPU SPREAD SPECTRUM was enabled, so I disabled it. I now have no problems with ethernet. Vontrapp