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  1. Asus EEEPC 1005HA-H installation guide and support

    There's a guide for this on the topic for asus 1210 Anyway, you have to patch osinstall.mpkg, and I don't know how to do it Otherwise check the guide for 1210 there is a way to install win7 on gpt. Sorry
  2. Asus EEEPC 1005HA-H installation guide and support

    Are you killing me =D ?? Everything works quite perfectly on my eeepc, even the dual boot with archlinux and grub2. Ok, you have to install some kexts for wifi and so on, the system is not full stock but it's fully working and updatable. For time machine issue, for me the app is working but I don't have a time machine disk and don't have the time to configure it... For qe/ci, if you can open photobooth in native resolution you have qe/ci. System profiler doesn't show it anymore.
  3. Asus EEEPC 1005HA-H installation guide and support

    Rosetta is for running ppc AppS, x11 for having UNIX window system. 11 minutes left is normal, you have to reboot with your pen drive, boot pushing esc button, select your hd (in chameleon) and this Will boot ^^
  4. Asus EEEPC 1005HA-H installation guide and support

    Excuse me i was busy and my needs to go to Apple factory ^^ so yes it's possible to install other os but in gpt it's pretty hard. I have a friend who is good with Linux, and he Will install it in my baby ^^ i Will ask him how he does that. For win, i don't know how to do it with gpt, but in the 1201n thread which is sticked there's a link to the real tuto, and in this tuto there's the way to get win and osx dual booting. Otherwise the system is very fast, it's better than win in that eeepc ^^ But for installing osx in the retail configuration you must have gpt so you have to wipe your hd sorry.
  5. Asus EEEPC 1005HA-H installation guide and support

    Mine is a 1005ha-h
  6. Asus EEEPC 1005HA-H installation guide and support

    Juste new or you had changed the dev id?
  7. Asus EEEPC 1005HA-H installation guide and support

    Which 1005 have you? Download osx86tools, click view pci devices, and it shows the dev id of ethernet chip, wifi chip, sound chip, etc... Copy the dev id to the kext io80211family i provided and reinstall it. Same thing for attansic. Thatcher should work if it's a ha-m or a p.
  8. Asus EEEPC 1005HA-H installation guide and support

    I Will post today, it's virtualization underground Windows or Linux but you CAN install ideneb 1.3 or use the DVD of ideneb and copy using disk utility i think.
  9. can't get my geforce 6500 working

    hello, i'm here because i can't get lots of things on my 'big' hackintosh... i have installed hazard's distro, everything is stable but have no drivers working, so i begin with graphics. i have a GeForce 6500 i thinks it's nv44 i'm not sure. have you ideas for which driver i can use? my system : P4@3GHZ GeForce 6500 3Gb DDR-SDRAM tomorow i will post the entire configuration, i'm in my beautiful netbook now ^^ please answer, it's important for me =D
  10. Asus EEEPC 1005HA-H installation guide and support

    everything is working with full stock configuration except keys for sound. battery managment is a little buggy (max charge 93 per cent and the led is still orange, with ubuntu, i can charge it fully but osx recognize only 95 ) the system is stable, i havnt a bug yet, except when i woke it up it gave me a kernel panic for the bluetooth device but it's not important osx is very good in this netbook, i have hyperthreading too (dont know about speedstep) Maybe you can have a big difference with the osx clock and bios clock, but ther is a kext for that
  11. Asus EEEPC 1005HA-H installation guide and support

    First, this guide can work with a 1005ha-m. This guide is a mix of maceee guide and mightycrownG guide for 1001ha in insanely mac forum thread. So. This is what we need : a EEEPC 1005HA of course A retail DVD of Mac OS X Snow Leopard 2 USB sticks : 1 of 8gb or more, the other we don't care, it's for having the drivers and software. The kit A real Mac for making the bootable usb stick Let's Go!!! On the real Mac, open disk utility. Format your 8GB usb stick in HFS+. Go to restore. In the source fiels, chose the Mac osx DVD and in the destination field your usb stick. When it's done, launch netbookbootmaker (in the pack). now you have your bootable usb stick for installing! Warning!!! you are about to erase all of tour hard disk. So be careful, save all your data!!!! So on your lovely netbook : Boot pushing the esc button in the bios (asus) and choose USB. Mac is booting. Choose your language, then go to Utilities, Disk Utility. Choose tour hard drive, click on partition, make whatever you want but you must have a GUID partition table. When it's done, close dis utilité, continue the installation (don't forget to customize the installation with rosetta and x11). If it stucks at the end it's normal. reboot your netback. At thés stage, OSX is installed, it miss the bootloader and kexts. Let tour usb stick plugged, boot and push hardly the F8 button. Choose your hard drive. It boots (yes =D). follow instructions. Then, in the kit you have netback installer, launch with just chameleon and general extensions options. DON'T REBOOT!!!! Install with kext helper SLgma950fix kexts, paste Openhaltrestart.kext in /Extra/GeneralExtensions and lunch Update Extra in /Extra. Then make as possible that in the /Extra/GeneralExtensions there is same things as here. You have to erase those which are useless, which are not in the picture. Then re-run update extra ^^ Go to /System/Library/Extensions and erase AppleHDA.kext and launch Kext utility for clearing cache and fix permissions. After thaï, install this time with kext helper voodooHDA.kext and attansicL1eEthernet.kext. Install thon voodoohda.prefpane. If an error occupes, it's normal. Now you can restart your netbook. Magic!!!! all is working, all is fully functional!! but the wlandon't so lunch kept helper, install IO80211Family.kext, paste dsdt.aml in /Extra, reboot, finish!!! your netback is fully working under Mac OS X Snow Leopard in 10.6.3! At the end, you have the image below. Enjoy!! Hope this guide will help you =D. If you have some issues, ask
  12. Recipe for SL 3.6.3 first time. 1005PE and 1005HAB

    for the wifi, stock card works now. there is a driver for 1001ha which works for 1005XX (same card atheros). this driver comes from 10.6.5 beta ^^
  13. 10.6 on a Asus EEE 1005 HA?

    hallo ja ich spreche deutsch ^^ but we are in an english forum so i'm trying to install retail 10.6.3 on a 1005ha-h the best thing you can do is to install it with a retail disk (or a retail .dmg) if you have a 10.6.0 dvd, follow this guide : http://maceee.blogspot.com/2010/02/snoweee...ow-leopard.html otherwise, i'm trying this guide but it's made for 1001ha (with the quite same configuration) : http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=224950 if u have some question, you can pm me ^^
  14. Snow leopard on Vaio vcpw12m1e

    That's because of thé boot flag. Boot on a USB installation of 7, open up disk part via the command prompt, SET active the main Windows partition, reboot on USB, repair, enjoy
  15. Snow leopard on Vaio vcpw12m1e

    Mine is 945... But i think u can get it working. Th main problem is wifi, i read in nektas blog that adding the dv id in appleatheros kext works fine