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    Crabhunter reacted to n.d.k in dsdt patches   
    If you already have your own customized dsdt and ssdt, just add those 2 as you did, and you'll be fine.  No need to fix it for OpenCore.
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    Crabhunter reacted to Hervé in Concern over trim   
    If the "sudo trimforce enable" does not do the trick, you can try the Clover binary patch of the ACHIBlockStorage kext. With regards to "safety", there is no fear to have whether Trim is enabled or not right now.
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    Crabhunter reacted to Hervé in Installer kexts   
    Normally, kexts are not readily visible on the USB installer, no. I don't have a Catalina USB installer at hand, only a Mojave one so I'll speak for Mojave with the understanding that things remained the same for Catalina...
    If you created your Catalina USB installer with the create installmedia command as is expected, your USB key should contain the overall Install macOS Catalina package. This is where all the images used by the installation tool are located and from where all files are extracted during actual installation. Some kexts are in InstallESD image, some are in the BaseSystem image. You would need to open up the images inside with Pacifist app to see the kexts in the tree structure. As it happens, IO80211Family kext is not in BaseSystem but in InstallESD...
    Of course, it's possible to open up such packages and images in RW mode to modify them but, unless you know about that, let's put that aside.
    My advise is that you keep things simple and and replace the IO80211Family kext in /S/L/E AFTER you've installed macOS Catalina. Place the replacing kext at the root of your USB installer (then the actual Catalina partition) and Bob's your uncle as far as replacing the kext is concerned thereafter, especially as every single update will re-instate a vanilla kext...
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    Crabhunter reacted to mickeyd453 in Catalina - Install Success   
    Tried to install Catalina on my old trusty Optiplex 980 - Upgraded Clover to 4945 and ran the installer and all went without a hitch, everything works with no modification to existing kexts so BT, WiFi and sound all good.
    Great job!

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    Crabhunter reacted to Hervé in [RESOLVED]Installer hanging with no errors.   
    You are correct; best is to do it in your Clover config with Clover Configurator app... Never heard of it?

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    Crabhunter reacted to Hervé in AppleMediaSevices.framework 10.14.6 required   
    You can get it directly by extracting it with Pacifist app from a 10.14.6 combo update freshly downloaded off Apple's web site.
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    Crabhunter reacted to Hervé in How can I make an old kext appear newer?   
    As I said, if you want further support, you'll have to provide the specs (make and model, PCI ids) of your LAN and wireless hardware.  If you don't know the info, post a zipped saved output from IORegistryExplorer.
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    Crabhunter reacted to Hervé in How can I make an old kext appear newer?   
    It would help if you would list the specs/model/PCI ids of your LAN + Wireless cards for which you want to proceed.
    In the case of this particular kext in v12.0, you could increase the version to say 92.0 by applying the following changes:
    in version.plist change CFBundleShortVersionString from 12.0 to 92.0 change CFBundleVersion from 1200.0 to 9200.0 in Info.plist change CFBundleGetInfoString from to 12.0, ........... to 92.0, .......... change CFBundleShortVersionString from 12.0 to 92.0 change CFBundleVersion from 1200.12.2 to 9200.12.2  
    But, watch out with IO80211Family kext because that contains PlugIn kexts and that's what you need to look at. If you changed the IO80211Family version instead of the necessary PlugIn, it'll be a shot in the water because individual PlugIns would remain with the same version as in the vanilla kext in /S/L/E.
    This being said, you might be mistaken to consider caching what you call old kexts as opposed to, say, calling on Clover on-the-fly patches or DSDT injection. Hence the need for you to post specs of your LAN and wifi equipment to keep you on the correct or best track. I have this funny feeling that all you really want to do is inject missing PCI ids...
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    Crabhunter reacted to Hervé in How can I make an old kext appear newer?   
    What you can do is simply increase the version of the old kexts you wish to retain. When 2 x kexts carrying the same name exist, OS X/macOs will only load the highest versions.
    Open up your target/old kext package and increase the version number to, says, 999 (or whatever else as long as it's higher than the version of the vanilla kext in /S/L/E) in:
    Contents/Info.plist Contents/version.plist  
    Place the modified kext in /L/E, repair permissions and rebuild your cache. The kext with highest version placed in /L/E will take precedence.
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    Crabhunter got a reaction from SavageAUS in Clover and USB   
    I think I might have sorted it.
    I ran the 4533 installer and a later one at the same time and compared default settings.
    They were different. I set up the later installer with the same options as the earlier one which were in different places on the later installer and it's worked on my USB hard drive. I will repeat the process on my USB installer next and see if that works.
    EDIT. USB installer now booting fine with a recent version
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    Crabhunter reacted to SavageAUS in Clover and USB   
    Thanks I’ll take a look when I can unless someone else chimes in.

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    Crabhunter reacted to Hervé in help needed to update my hda [Resolved]   
    Restore Mojave's vanilla AppleHDA and try latest AppleALC with latest Lilu. You may need to experiment with the various layouts listed.
    At v1.7.9a4, your patched AppleHDA kext is very old indeed:
    SL 10.6(.0), 2009 -> AppleHDA v1.7.4a1 SL 10.6.3, 2010 -> AppleHDA v1.8.4fc3 SL 10.6.8, 2011 -> AppleHDA v2.0.5 So we know it dates back to early SL days... Not too surprising that it would not load on such recent macOS versions as Sierra and later.

    I was also a little surprised by your DSDT: it injects layout 269 (0x10D) in the HDEF audio device which seems more related to the codec id than anything else.
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    Crabhunter reacted to chris1111 in AirPortAtheros40 kext from 10.13.6 request   
    here you go
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    Crabhunter reacted to Hervé in AirPortAtheros40 kext from 10.13.6 request   
    So your current patched kext is inadequate. Patch the Mojave vanilla kext!
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    Crabhunter reacted to Hervé in AirPortAtheros40 kext from 10.13.6 request   
    A general way to get a kext (or any other file) from/off a given OS X/macOs version is to download the related combo update package, then extract the required kext (file) with Pacifist app.
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    Crabhunter reacted to Hervé in Cannot install kexts.   
    Those tools are old and mostly deprecated.
    Why don't you install your kexts to /S/L/E (or better, to /L/E) manually? Simply copy the kexts to the folder, repair permissions and rebuild your cache.
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    Crabhunter reacted to Gigamaxx in How to download the full installer   
    Have you updated to the latest version of your existing software.   I tried with Sierra 12.4 and had the same issue, then I updated to 12.6 and did another security update and then the full 6.2GB file downloaded.
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    Crabhunter got a reaction from PippoX0 in Clover won't boot Windows or Linux   
    No I've managed to do it now I'm happily booting El Cap, XP, 10 and Mint all on the same bios/mbr hard drive.
    Changing legacy to PBR in the config did it.
    I'm a happy bunny now.
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    Crabhunter reacted to Hervé in Atheros AR5B93 not working in 10.13.2   
    @Rouletabosse, you're just totally off-topic.
    @Crabhunter, I did have an AR5B93 lying around so, in my Dell Latitude D630 running High Sierra 10.13.2, I swapped out the BCM4322-based DW1510 that works OOB for the Atheros card.
    On rebooting (without cache to take the HW change into consideration), the AR5B93 worked OOB as expected.

    I can only suggest you try and boot without cache, then rebuild it. But rest assured that the Atheros AR5B93 does work OOB under High Sierra.
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    Crabhunter reacted to Hervé in Atheros AR5B93 not working in 10.13.2   
    @Rouletabosse, this topic and original query is not about an alternative card to the AR5B93 !
    @Crabhunter, AR5B93 is based on Atheros AR9283 (168c:002a). Indeed, it works OOB under Sierra so one could have expected it to work the same way under High Sierra. I should have an AR5B93 or an Atheros card of some sort based on the same chip (or similar PCI ids) lying around so should be able to test later on tonight.
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    Crabhunter reacted to Rouletabosse in Atheros AR5B93 not working in 10.13.2   
    this card works on High Sierra 10.13.2
    you put the kests in others in clover
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    Crabhunter reacted to smolderas in Booting a linux partition without it's own boot loader with Clover   
    Yes, you could define custom entry. See wiki
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    Crabhunter reacted to fantomas in Patching the disk utility on the installer   
    take a look on it
    1/ http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/482-extractdiskutilityzip/
    2/ http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/481-diskutilitypatch/
    3/ http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/483-injectdiskutilityzip/
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    Crabhunter reacted to Biso007 in Partition setup recommendation   
    Why a separate one for Clover ? ... if you are going to use legacy MBR scheme then keep Clover in the OSX partition and let it boot the other 3 partitions 
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    Crabhunter got a reaction from cumpadi in [Success] EP45 DS3R   
    All seems to be running fine using all my kexts and dsdt from Mountain Lion.