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  1. OP - how about updating the links please for the kexts so im not running thousands of threads to find out where to get the audio and native resolution fix! Thanks
  2. OP....please update the links as MEGAUPLOAD has been shut down for years. This should have been done along time ago. Thanks
  3. I have this problem of a wifi card not working when it should. I have an atheros AR5B91 mini pci-e and the HCL states that the card works OOB and as a Airport card as if its real mac hardware. I bought this card for that very convenience. RESULTS -Installed 10.6.0 retail During installation the wireless work OOB ! This is the wierd part -At first boot after filling out the apple forms to set up your mac there is no airport icon and profilier lists no pci devices installed. -Ran the airport update : results same -Ran the 10.6.8 update : results PANIC -Tried various isos such as 10.6.3 retail (failed could not even install) iatkos S3 v2 (failed , post install yields panic) --Dell Inspiron 1545 is not supported i guess with these other distros. DIAGNOSIS -Looking at the IO80211family.kext had an interesting find. --Show package contents shows a folder called "plugins" --Went through those kexts in plugins folder and there was one called atheros22.kext or something like that? --Indeed my dev id was in there as 168C,2A --What the heck?! card should be working! CONCLUSION -As wierd as it was that during dvd install it would work OOB, after install it does not yields me to think that some magicall kext somewhere needs to be deleted thats interfering? I need help bad because ive invested time and money in hardware. I know someone out there has the answer. Also on one condition I will not be using any distro higher than 10.6.0 as this is the only working one. THANKS!
  4. SOLVED. There was a "hacked ps2" thread I came across. After version 3 of the kext it worked.
  5. I have a gateway 450sx4 im trying to setup and right after ots Tiger 10.4.3 install I have no touchpad or keyboard, I must use my desktops usb ones. Can someone find me a .kext. I know there is a few people on here that got thier 450sx4 working except for sound. So THERE IS A WAY. Ive done google and even went all over this forum with no luck. I treid the sticky thread's ApplePS2Controller.kext and it did nto work.
  6. I tried your apple script and got this error: SYNTAX ERROR Expected""" but found unknown token And this terminal command the other guy posted " rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions.mkext " came up with permission denied. Im so noob and know I wasnt in admin previledges when I ran the command. What do I type in for admin priviledges? omg never mind on the admin command. Its sudo -s I got my ethernet to work so thanks to both of you for your help.
  7. I need some help getting my new OS going and everytime I boot into osx I have to put in 4 terminal commands to get my ethernet card working. OS X should remeber these .kext setting but it forgets at every boot which angers me. Well anyways can someone help me with automating this so i can just double click on a script file and it will run the commands? I perfer an automated terminal apporach before messing with apllescript. Thanks in advanced. Here is my 4 lines of code: cd ~/Desktop/forcedeth/build/Release sudo chown -R root:wheel forcedeth.kext sudo chmod -R 755 forcedeth.kext sudo kextload -v forcedeth.kext
  8. icic, i was surprised that Panther even fully installed on my i386. But back to Tiger, what do you recommend me doing in narrowing down my hardware problem? It installs about halfway and panics. Any logs I can look at even though I dont have a running osx?
  9. First time mac user here and I can get Panther to fully install, but on its first ever boot it goes to a GSOD panic screen. I bet its a peice of hardware not liking it, but how do I find out what it is and how to fix it? I tried a Tiger install but it failed right away ,didnt even get to the setup screen. Here are the laptop specs: http://support.gateway.com/s/Mobile/Gatewa...501271sp2.shtml edit: tried a diff Tiger ISO and it got all the way to "Installing Essentials" It then yielded a Panic