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  1. Is there a way to change my mac's serial #?

    Was there ever a resolution to this? I'm in the same boat and I'm not willing to mail this thing out again and wait for it to come back....
  2. I just found that myself ... THANKS ... that is exactly what the problem was. It was scrolling by so fast before it rebooted itself I had to get my digital camera out and record the video so I could slomo it to read All is installing as it should now.
  3. K48 brain damaged .... I have a K48 that I am trying to run this on. It is currently running 10.5.8 perfectly. If I boot from the CD it boots up then gets to the point that you load the snow dvd ... put in the dvd and it goes for a few seconds then the whole machine reboots. Same thing happens if I use the usb instructions ... after chameleon loads and it starts to boot the snow image on the usb stick it reboots itself. it looks like it's kernel panicing somwhere then forcing the whole machine to reboot.
  4. VAIO W Series

    I did my install with ideneb 1.6 lite 10.5.8 Patched > Audio > AppleAzaliaAudio Patched > Chipset > ICHX Fixed Patched > Kernel > Vanilla Patched > Wireless > Broadcom (This is necessary for future installation of a Dell mini 1510 WiFi chip) Fixes VoodooPS2 ACPI-Fix CPUS=1-Fix FireWire Remove Intel GMA950 After reboot I downloaded voodoo 1.0 from http://code.google.com/p/xnu-dev/downloads/list Then installed Voodoo Power and Voodoo Battery Currently have everything working but the original onboard wireless. (replaced with dell 1510 half minipcie)
  5. I'm just curious ... I got leopard running fairly well on 10.5.8 and wondered if anyone has gotten snow running on this awesome little machine? working in 10.5.8 1366x768 on GMA950 with QX/QE accel Sleep/Wake Sound Ethernet Time Machine Not working properly Battery Indicator Build in wireless (Solved by Replacing with broadcomm 1510/half minipci and works good now) I really want to run snow leopard as I've heard the built in atheros 9285 would work but I don't know where to begin.
  6. I've got almost everything working on the sony vaio w netbook in 10.5.8 The only things that I'm missing are Atheros 9285 wireless support QE Accelleration on the 950 display is stuck in 1024x600 and should be 1366x768 The only ones I really care about are QE Accelleration on the 950 display is stuck in 1024x600 and should be 1366x768 Can anyone help? Im desperate here .. at one point there was a fix posted on "wingzero619.net" but the site is gone now. I just need those files really and it will work ... it was working but I thought I was going to sell it and I had to nuke it back to windows. The wireless isn't an issue because I ordered a broadcom card from the mini9 to replace it with