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  1. I'm trying to install ML on my Dell Inspiron 15r SE laptop using a pen drive. The installation always gets stuck at this "Max Scratch Pad = 16". I've come this far using -v PciRoot=1 command. I cant seem to find a proper guide for my laptop cuz its a relatively new model. So kindly help me in installing ML on my laptop so that this can work as a guide for othe Dell 15r SE owners.
  2. Drivers for ATI HD 4850 needed

    Hi, Can anyone direct me to a link or thread for ATI 4850 drivers??? I have just installed mac and fed up with the 1024 X 768 resolution. Which drivers whould i use???
  3. I have managed to install mac with the help of IPC OSX 10.5.6 DVD. Its bloody easy to install over windows 7 coz windows 7 somehow manages to protect its bootsector and files even after the installation of OSX is complete. I installed OSX on my second harddisk and was ready to pop in the windows7 installation disk after i had restarted the OSX but voila!!!! to my surprise the bootloader of windows 7 survived. I dont know how but it was damn good for me(saved my time). So i just installed EasyBCD in windows 7 and added OSX in bootloader of windows 7. Now i can tripleboot windows XP,Windows7 and Leopard. I had done a lite installation of OSX(means i didnt select anything other than the OS during the setup, thus i need drivers now). Now all i need it the drivers for the leopard for my system config. I cannot do a single mistake right now as i had managed to installed OSX couple of weeks ago but had to remove it coz i tried some wrong driver and it refused to boot. Moreover, my PC is setup perfectly as i have always wanted, xp-Win7-mac. I dont wanna do something which would screw this up. So please suggest me the drivers which are tested and working. Here is my system config: Mobo: DG31PR Proccy: E8400 Core2Duo 3.0Ghz RAM: 2 X 2GB Kingston GPU: ATI HD 4850 512MB I dont know which soundcard my PC has as it is the onboard card which i use. I know it is of realtek but dont know which model number. Is ther a way i can find that out?? Though i think somone who has DG31PR must have tried some sound drivers. Please help me get the right one. Any kind of help or suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks in advance P.S: Is it possible for Leopard to open windows NTFS drives?? When i first installed it few weeks ago it could only open the HFS+ partitions. But this newly installed Leopard allows me to open even NTFS drives. Is it normal or i am lucky...
  4. isnt there anyone who can help me???? plzzzz
  5. hi everyone, I am having a few problems while installing The IPLC OSX86 10.5.6 Final. Here is my system config: Intel DG31PR mobo 4GbRAM Intel E8400 3.0Ghz ATI 4850 Graphics card. Here are the steps i followed: 1)Booted with IPC OSX85 disc. 2) I got Option to press any key to continue or press F8. 3)I Pressed F8 and typed -v as specified in many giudes. When i do this a screen pops up(the First image)and loads a few files and then screen flashes and stay like that for 3 or 4 minutes before displaying "Still Waiting for Boot Volume" at the bottom.(see Image 2 and 3). 4) if i choose to hit anykey instead of F8, an apple screen loads and stays like that for a while then it halts. See image no4
  6. Hi everyone, I wanna know how to create a bootable usb pen drive from the Retail version of Mac Leopard 10.5.5. which is 7.3 gb. Problem is that i have this file in *.dmg format and i wanna create a usb bootable pen drive in windows xp or vista. I know there has to be a way, as creating a bootable pen drive is possible. I created Windows Vista Bootable pen drive using UltraISO. The pen drive works and installation takes a lot less time. Now many of you would say that Ultra ISO has Dmg support. Well i agree, it has, it reads the dmg file of mac leo and shows its contents. But when i try to create a usb bootable pendrive with exactly the same method i used for ISO image of Windows Vista, i get an Access Violation Error. I Tried converting the dmg to iso in ultraISO,but the resultant ISO file isnt bootable. So can someone help me. Either tell me how to Create a bootable USB pendrive in windows xp or vista. Or tell me how to edit the 7.3 gb retail file in windows xp or vista so that it would be reduced enough to fit in a Single layer DVD (as i have wasted 3 4$ DL discs while trying to burn this using Transmac)
  7. Hi everyone, I have a lot of problems related to OSX Leopard 10.5.6. I have downloaded a 7.3 gb file of *.dmg extension. After a lot of digging at this very forum i found bout Transmac. I used it to read the image and it worked. Then i inserted a Dual layer disc in the drive and started burning from transmac. After 20% it said burning failed,device is not ready. Well i need help on how to burn this correctly as these DL Discs doesnt come cheap.4$ a disc. So i have managed to convert this disc in iso using ultra iso. So what should i do? should i try once again with trasmac with some other settings or with ultraiso or some other software you recommend.? Is there any method to split the dvd in two bootable single layer dvd's ? i read a method but it was on Mac. I need to split them in windows xp or vista. Please lemme know if there is any such method. I had a 8gb pen drive. Can i create it bootable? i heard bout installing OS with pen drive so that means pen drive can be used as bootable device. Can you tell me in detail how?? If all these problems are over then i would like to know that which method of installing is best. I prefer the bootloader312 method where first we have to boot with a bootloader then the retail disc. I prefer this coz in this method we can auto update too. lemme know if my pc is fixed up for this. I have two 250gb sata hardisc. First HD has 3 partitions. XP is installed in C:, Vista is installed in D:, then there is a E: drive, I have formatted second harddisc completely. There are 3 partitions in second HD. All of there are NTFS primary partitions. Please help me guys. i would appreciate you guidance. Thanks in Advance. with a lot of smileys