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  1. AMD 4200+ MSI K8T Neo2-F v2.0 Nvidia 6600 256mb AGP Everything is working fine except my ethernet which is Realtek 8110s, Nvidia is recognized as PCI with QE enabled using titan. I fixed the ethernet problem getting help from this topic http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...39&hl=8110s. (i forgot to tell that my hackintosh runs perfect with tubegirl release 10.4.8), and also that when i press "About this mac" system starts over. I dont mind so much about the graphic card it runs good and like this:).
  2. keyboard and mouse not working on install

    I had the same problem with you but (this will sound crazy) i pluged my usb keyboard and usb mouse to a usb hub and they start working I dont know if its going to work with you but its working for me
  3. .mkv to DVD

    Super is a mac application?
  4. .mkv to DVD

    imkvExtact I dont know if this going to help you but it helped me once that i wanted mkv to avi This program brakes mkv in two parts , the movie file and the audio and then i used ffmpeg to covert it to avi...
  5. Mkv to Divx

    I did it with imkvextract and ffmpeg.... :pirate2:
  6. Mkv to Divx

    Do you know any program that converts mkv to avi format?
  7. What network cards work?

    my realtek 8110s works
  8. XP boot fails..

    I m not sure if this going to work but try it...Restart your computer and boot from windows xp install cd then go to recovery console and type fixMBR and fixboot c: ....
  9. My specs are : AMD 64 4200++ X2 with watercooling 1G Ram Nvidia 6600 320gb+120gb Seagate SATA 40gb WD ATA but i spend more time on my powerbook G4
  10. OSX 1048 AMD FINAL

    Open System Preferences and click on startup disk, there you select Windows...
  11. OSX 1048 AMD FINAL

    Titan kext is included in the install...
  12. Darwin Boot Screen: No USB Support?

    try finding in bios an option Usb Devices in Dos [Enabled/Disabled] and enable it