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  1. [Tutorial] AMD 10.6.8 Retail Snow Leopard Guide!

    ok thx, i try it first and i'll report back to you how it goes
  2. [Tutorial] AMD 10.6.8 Retail Snow Leopard Guide!

    yes, i use all the recommended kext on yout first post. but it is so slow . did i do something wrong? the hdd is on the first sata port, the dvd is on the 2nd sata port (the blue port both of them). and it gives me the appleUSBOHCI error. but i can still boot. im using bios version F5
  3. [Tutorial] AMD 10.6.8 Retail Snow Leopard Guide!

    @sirbow2 it worked, i just bought a sata dvd. but i have a problem, it boots so long, with -v, i saw appleUSBOHCI found a transaction which ahsnt moved in 5 seconds. and sometimes it is very slow if i open programs. im using ideneb 1.6 10.5.8 lite edition.
  4. [Tutorial] AMD 10.6.8 Retail Snow Leopard Guide!

    yeah i think it's the dvd drive, because i tried to burn a couple of cd's, and a few of them is corrupted. im going to buy a new drive today, i'll let you know if it works. thx for the help
  5. [Tutorial] AMD 10.6.8 Retail Snow Leopard Guide!

    earlier i succeed to install,i was very happy. but i forgot that i use a ps2 keyboard, so i try to reinstall, it wont install anymore, can it be the dvd-rom? because i already have it for 3 years. here the screenshot of the KP at 80%. and do you have any suggestion for a low end 3dcard for my system, just to watch hd movies. thx for the help. i really appreciate it
  6. [Tutorial] AMD 10.6.8 Retail Snow Leopard Guide!

    i use noctua nh-d14 for the cooler, it is stable on windows 7 24/7. i already put all to ahci. the error is after i put on the cd on the first boot screen, if i put it on ide, it can boot, but install fails after about 80 percent. this is the screenshot of the kernel panic. thx
  7. [Tutorial] AMD 10.6.8 Retail Snow Leopard Guide!

    i have the same spec like your computer. but i use the onboard graphic card and i have a IDE dvd-rom.my hdd is sata. if i set all to AHCI i cannot boot from the cd-rom, if i put it on IDE i can boot, and install, but in the middle of the installation process, there is kernel panic. i already tried disabling some of the kext, still no luck . do i need to use a sata dvd-rom? thx before
  8. hi, can anybody tell me what suits the best for my system, because i am now using the 10.4.1 deadmoo, my internet speed is very slow. so i can't try all the version . tq before ^^
  9. ATI / NVIDIA OnBoard (P) ATA Driver

    is it better to use 10.4.5 or 10.4.6, thx again fireshark ^^
  10. ATI / NVIDIA OnBoard (P) ATA Driver

    thx fireshark, how can i fix it, so i can boot again. what version can i use? where can i download the AppleGenericPCATA and AppleOnBoardPCATA, becaus i have delted. tq ^^
  11. ATI / NVIDIA OnBoard (P) ATA Driver

    hi, im andy, this is my first post ^^, i have installed the driver. but there is a problem : extension "com.apple.driver.AppleOnboardPCATA" has no kernel dependency 17AppleOnboardPCATA is not compatible with its superclass, 8IOPCIATA superclass changed? failed to load extension com.apple.driver.AppleOnboardPCATA. i cannot boot the harddrive. thx before ^^