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  1. i have installed 10.5.6 no i have the issue of my Belkin F5D7000 v. 5 pci wireless card not being recognized. The chipset is, AR5212. I tried loading the kext from 10.4.5 to no avail. any ideas?
  2. I have a dvd of 10.5.6 i would like to make a bootable usb drive installer so i dont have to worry about the scratches on the dvd and maybe increase the speed of the install time. Is this possible?
  3. Has anyone got a clue as to how I can get my Belkin F7d1101 v1 Wireless USB Adapter working in 10.5.6 or even my Belkin F5D7000 v5 pci card? I used the XxX Leopard. It has tons of options but i am clueless. It doesnt appear to be Ralink like a ton of others are. It seems that it has a realtek rtl8192su chipset. i cant seem to find the kext for it.
  4. i checked around and i cant find away to get my belkin f7d1101 version 1 wireless usb adapter to work in 10.5.6. I personally dont care if it looks like airport i just want internet. Any help would be appreciated update it appears the chipset is rtl8192su, i tried about 5 different ralink drivers but it still says no device all the same, any ideas?
  5. kemikal-aa

    Old Topic Made New, ATI x200! YAY

    I have seen around that this is a lost cause and all, but there are tons of people from what i can tell that would like this. I personally have a near perfect setup here with only a few issues not working besides video. Touch pad doesnt work to click but i dont use that anyways side play and pause buttons dont work and i dont care I just wanna change the resolution more than anything, i dont really need DVD playback all that much. 1024x768 is a little too big for my liking.
  6. kemikal-aa

    Old Topic Made New, ATI x200! YAY

    Ok i have been trolling these forums for hours and reading tons of things that have made portions of my brain melt. now to the question... Toshiba A135-s2376 laptop with ATI x200m video running leo 10.5.6 is there a kext or anything to get this video working?
  7. kemikal-aa

    DVD Player

    ok i got leopard installed perfectly on my toshiba a135 laptop. it runs smooth but i have 1 issue, DVD player is messed up. i open it and it gives me a ?? error. i would like the native dvd player and cant find it. any help???
  8. the description says it all. I have searched and found nothing. I installed XxX 10.5.6 on a toshiba satellite a135-s2376 and i have no sound device and was hoping like hell there was a way to get the built in sound to work without reinstalling the OS.
  9. kemikal-aa

    Help with upgrading.

    I just installed XxX 10.5.6 on the same laptop and i have no sound did you ever get it fixed?
  10. kemikal-aa

    Pinnacle PCTV HD PCI CARD

    i did try eyetv and something called alchemytv dvr and nothing worked out there.
  11. kemikal-aa

    Pinnacle PCTV HD PCI CARD

    I have a Pinnacle PCTV HD PCI CARD im trying to make this thing work on 10.4.11 is this possible??? all my searches are coming up blank.
  12. kemikal-aa

    Stupid update question

    im trying to update Jas 10.4.6 to kalyway 10.4.10 before i actually go and do this will this work? -thanx correction its not kalyway
  13. kemikal-aa

    Update 10.4.6 to 10.4.8

    Ok i have been away a while and have been wanting to update 10.4.6 to 10.4.11.. I have been lead to believe i need to update kinda step by step. 10.4.6 to .8 and so on. First i apologize for some redundancy here but i searched and found nothing really helpful. first do I really need to update step by step like that? what do i need to do to make this updating go smoothly? I tried the JAS 10.4.8 combo update and it crashed. I have: 10.4.6 JAS Dell Dimension 3000 P4 3.00Ghz 1Gb RAM
  14. kemikal-aa

    Pro Tools

    pro tools 6 anything does not work with osx 10.5 you need pro tools 7.4 thats the only one that works with loepard period. only pro tools 7 to my experience works with xp mce what you need to do is fork out the $75 for the upgrade to pro tools le 7.4 that will work across leopard and mce but will only work on tiger version 10.4.11 and nothing lower.
  15. kemikal-aa

    Silicon Image SIL 3512 SATA Comtroller

    thanx man... huge help