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  1. Well I guess theres a lots of things that should never be written. But right now, for me it's reading "I have the latest version" or "new kernel". So they have which one? When did you write it? Can I work out which one? BeNice And it's happening here, where things are moving so quickly. Thanks to all those clever people.
  2. mount the disk using demon tools and not with vmware, I think Free30 looks like 10.4.8 will not work as well.
  3. free30

    HELP! (Simple) Boot problem

    I think you need to make sure you edit the boot thing and add the line ,Quiet boot, No. Seaarch for Darwin boot options Free30
  4. I think the OS x partition should be primary free30
  5. I think I remember that Maxxuss did something to the early releases to allow Vmware to work. So if Jas has done an all new release it might have got missed off. Or it's something to do with the sse2 and amd. I'm going to install an older version and update. But it looks like there is nothing us mortals can do. Thanks to all the work of others something might happen on this front, when they get around to it. But I don't like to use any disposable media if I can help it. Free30
  6. free30

    Banned from oink, why?

    Well I'm going to mirgrate to a new ISP to get a new IP. Sorry Oink but if the band was in anyway justified I'd respect it. Will that and a new email and of cause all new torrents, be enough? Should I re-register my windows to a new user? Shall I try and change windows registartion code? Any idears what they do to people band? And now I need an invite so if someone wants to take to risk with me...Well it's better than begging, please PM me and I'll give you a new email address. Oh please, I have invited about eight of you from this site and Oink will not find out and I'm going to keep my settings low to avoid any problems. Thanks Free30
  7. Have you looked here free30 http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...allation_Guides
  8. You could try booting in -s single user mode and repairing disk permisions and see how that goes. When you have aworkable partition Acornis Image works to back it up free30
  9. free30

    Question about Partitioning

    CONVERTING ..???""""!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. free30

    Israel and Palestine

    I'm no expert but why type hateful {censored} like that? All you do is show how little you know. How dose a religion have a dark age? Free30
  11. free30

    Israel and Palestine

    The world needs to let Isral sleep in the bed it has made for its self. The Isralis thinks the land was promised to them by God! And will stop at nothing to get it. Good luck to them. But if you sell them guns, an unrecognised state,(well it was at the time) you are responsible for all the evil that follows. Potect by all means but to arm is naive. But that's whats evil about today's world, money wins over lives. Free30 Note I say Isralis not Jews. I studied with an Israli sargent and even he knew the Israli is wrong, not that he would say so, but he would say he knew Isralis think differently from everyone else. Edit. I'm very sorry to anyone born into it on either side. The limits of your relaity are controled those around you. Question all.
  12. free30


    Just be careful and make sure you can set the windows partition active again from a bootable CD, like knoppix, just in case. Otherwise will be fine, all the best Free30
  13. free30

    Question about Partitioning

    I hate partition magic as well, you know a few bad experiences left me julted. For windows I like Acornis disk director, recomened by another user on this site. But yes Koppix has QTParted, it just like Pmagic. http://www.knopper.net/knoppix-mirrors/ Free30
  14. free30

    Banned from oink, why?

    No No don't mean to paint you with the same brush. You guys have always proofed to be the best, the very best. And do you know who benefits from that the most? You do. Thanks for all the work it's really good, this site has provided me with help, support, laughs got me thinking, allowed me to try and help others and I guess more things than I could think of. Thank you all staff and members. I think at Oink they are all volunteers, be nice to think the staff here get some remuneration form adds and stuff. Ever why thanks ever so. And if there's anything I could ever do to support you in your good work, just ask. Free30
  15. free30

    Banned from oink, why?

    As is the way of the lawless world. A little power currupts. And those who most want to abuse it try hardest to get it. Order, I used to hate it but as I get older I understand why. As for a boycott, a week ago I wouldn't have thought about it and there will always be more people out there. But yes I will boycott them, even if it is enforced. And I'll encurage other to do the same. Their relality will be created by their views and actions, and I don't envy them. Thanks, an ever changing, Free30