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  1. will this work to upgrade from 10.4.6 to 10.4.11? i haxe the JaS mac os x86 10.4.4 + the upgrade that was on the disk so now it 10.4.6. p.s. Gateway e series 3.06 GHz pentium 4 with sse2 640 MB ddr sdram 120 GB western digital hdd sony dvd rw drive JaS mac os x86 10.4.6
  2. kdawg3696

    Sound Problem (Wont let Me Copy The KEXT)

    ok so i need this help too, yes i realize this is an old post but the same thing is happining to me and i really need sound, i am not that handy with the terminal but if i need to i can use it, provided that you give me the cammands thanks and i really need this
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    will this work for mac os x86 10.4.6??? i trying to find this cuz i neeeed sound!!!
  4. kdawg3696

    HELP! black screen with white text then reboot

    i forgot not to install the see3 since my processor only supports see2. but i am missing 2 apple audio kexts, i am a noooooooooooob with the inner-workings of mac os x. i also cant get anything but a blinking spotlight icon... no nothing... and if i click it it wont do anything =S
  5. HELP!!! i think i succesfully installed mac os x86 JaS version 10.4.6 or 10.4.4 i forgot but i get the countdown then the looong fast section of white text on a black screen then it goes compleetly blank and then restarts and does the whole process agian... none other posts seemed to help... i have it on a single partition in a 120 gb single hdd and my specs are adequet but idk what happened... thanks in advance! btw, i dont get the grey screen with the apple Kdawg3696