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  1. Hey guys I've installed OSX on a few different platforms in my time and I've come across (what appears to be) a really good, cheap platform for running in a netbook form factor, for a very cheap price. I'm considering purchasing one of these http://tinyurl.com/psxfd7 The machine is labeled "Optima Optimate" and the specs are listed as: Intel Celeron M 900MHz Processor 30GB HDD Intel 915 Chipset 512MB RAM 2x USB SD Card Slot 7" Screen Size @ 1024x768 Integrated Speakers and Microphone Headphone Out Mic In Wireless 802.11BG WLAN 10/100MB Integrated LAN Now, to my knowledge this places it fairly closely to the EeePC 700/701, in terms of processor, etc. The advantage is that this has a HDD. I've got a mini PCI-E dell wifi card if the built in one doesn't work and also additional RAM kicking around. Based on the 700/701 and assuming this will be similar, is there anything I should be concerned about? $200AU is a pretty awesome price so I'm pretty keen for a purchase; but not if there'll be huge issues. Any advice?