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  1. You're not toast.. My BIOS has froze on me a couple of times as well. You need to do a CMOS reset. Usually just a jumper switch or similar. I would be extremely careful with flashing the BIOS.. I've lost more than one MB as a result of that. I believe that it's due to an incorrect DSDT file and it's relationship to cmos. See your motherboard documentation for exact cmos reset method.
  2. [TOTALLY VANILLA] Retail Snow Leopard

    A HUGE thanks to MACinized for the installer.. It's the only one that's got me this far. I'm hoping that someone has experienced my problem.. I have followed the install to a "T" on many occasions. The only way I can get to the installer is by the traditional -x boot. And at that point Disk Manager only sees the USB drive as a install point and no other drives. I also tried on a different drive and then stalled out on the Realtek 8169E load. It's not a KP. It's just a stall. After the 15th or so install attempt after loading and removing kexts, it's getting old, fast.. What am I missing? Dell Inspiron 518 Core 2 quad Q6600 2 ea. 620GB drives. One formatted HFS+ and UUID Onboard Realtek drivers functioning perfectly in OSX 10.5.8
  3. I have been desperately trying to get the iDeneb v 1.3 10.5.5 iso to install correctly for almost two weeks to no avail, and I now humbly bow to the real experts for some much needed help. I have a increasing amount of Macs to deal with on my network and need one at home for research and to dull my "idiot factor" a touch. I am running a plain (Dell) Intel quad core with 8gb ram and a 600gb SATA drive. There are the usual partitions on the drive, the root, the "recovery" and a FAT32 partition with some usual OEM garbage. Using GParted, I shrunk the primary drive and created a 40gb OS X partition. Vista is loaded as the primary, having been wiped completely and installed clean. I have ran through the detailed instructions of many a post from here, only to get through the installation procedure successfully, reboot and then find a Boot error : Disk 0 upon the first reboot. After setting the bcdedit correct to the Vista partition after a repair, the hfs+ partition is now rendered useless and removed of the logical drive status that I gave it earlier. At that point, In command line diskpart, I can no longer set that partition as active as the file type is "illogical" to the Vista bootloader. So, now I have a 40gb logical drive that is meaningless. I do not have the Nvidia components that require the "patch" as required and I think that I have a "current" enough version of the .iso that I shouldn't be having these issues. (In my dim opinion..) No matter what I do after that am I able to continue after the initial install and reboot. I know that I'm missing something obvious but I really need some help as I suck in the BSD realm. I would appreciate any help from this great community, and hope that I can be of help to someone in the future as I really like learning a new OS.. Thanks in advance. Mouse