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  1. Yes, in a way. I think in this thread there was once a guy who made some of 'em. Let's just say it would reduce the work quite a bit.
  2. Thath0r

    G5 fan mounting

    Wow, this is an abstract idea. Didn't even think of something like this...^^ I assume it reduces the vibrations? The thing you found on the interwebs is also quiet a nice idea. Thanks!
  3. If there is somebody, I'd also be very interested!
  4. Thath0r

    G5 Mod Components

    I'm also fairly new to this stuff, but I seem to be able to answer some of the questions of yours... - MoBo: Take what you need, or what you think you need. ATX or mATX most likely. - CD Drive: Yes, AFAIK. -PSU and Socket: I'm not sure... Either he ripped it out and modified it so, that if fits in there or it fit perfectly on its own - what I doubt btw. - Front panel: Yes, it is possible. Search for teknojunkie's G5 Diagrams here on the Boards. It shows you, hot to connect it to the Mobo. - 700$... Depends on what you wanna put in there. If you'd like to have a GTX295 - forget it, dude. And it depends on many other factors, most likely how new or performant the parts are. As I already told, I'm still a nob myself, but trust me: It already helps a great deal only reading here. Good Luck and post some pics, then!
  5. Thath0r

    G5 fan mounting

    To your first question: Why don't you take two 40mm or 60mm fans? It's true, they could get a bit noisy, but I'm sure they'd work. To your second question I know no answer, but I'd be very interested, too.
  6. Thath0r

    New G5 X58 Snow Leo Hackie

    God, this is f****ng great! I'd love to see some pictures with sidepanel removed. Am I correct assuming that the PSU is located underneath everything, so just like in the original G5? Anyway, it's so sexy. Three Graphics cards. Wooow. I really am stunned. One question remains: Did you cut the rear covering yourself or did you take one from an ATX case? I'm wondering, because I plan to build a G5 Hackintosh myself, so... It'd be kind of you, to share your professional experiences. Or is it all a motherboard tray? (of which somebody spoke of?)
  7. Thath0r

    Jailbreaked iPhone: Swapped App-Icons

    Thanks for the information, although it isn't very useful. But I anyway managed to solve it hopefully not only temporarily. I deleted all the apps and reinstalled them. But only after I reinstalled winterboard, not the other way round. And so it works fine.
  8. Hi Folks! I recently jailbreaked my iPhone 3GS and now wanted to install Winterboard, because a friend of mine said it was cool. So I downloaded it with Cydia and installed it successfully. BUT: After reboot, some of the Icons of my Apps have swapped place or just taken another icon. But it's only Apps that I downloaded with Cydia. WinterBoard itself got the vlc4iphone Icon for example. Any Ideas how to solve that Problem? I mean, it's just annoying while the apps work great. But I still would like to get rid of that "bug". Thanks, /Thath0r
  9. Thath0r

    Snow Leopard and Windows 7

    You actually realized, that this is more like a Mac forum? And: What the hell? Windows better than Unix? Where are you living? On Mars? Seriously, Windows may be better for gaming but the rest sucks!
  10. Thath0r

    Mac G5 Case Fix ?

    I got the very same situation here with my G5 case. I read about people who put it on a flat and hard surface, then put a flat piece of wood on it and hammered it all the way down into the original shape. The problem here is (why I haven't done it by now with this method), that if the aluminium was bent too much anyway, It may will break. Are there any aluminium experts here? patient for what?
  11. Thath0r

    Gaming Machine - Advice / Coolant

    600W will do for sure. But you should really think about the GPU once more. I mean, you say a PC for 'gaming purpose' and then you'd like to have a 9600 GT in there? Hello?? I mean, even the MBP got it. At least stick to an 9800GT or a 9800GTX. This should do it and they are getting really cheap. If you liek it quiet, take watercooling, but this is expensive.
  12. Thath0r

    MAC PRO Case Mod

    Yeah for sure. Cool idea, covering the rad somehow. It's not a Mac Pro anymore, but I think you'll achieve quite a nice look in the end. Have you thought about just "enlarging" the case, so to speak? I mean, just some kind of covering the rad, but with the goal, that it looks still like a kind of extremely tall Mac Pro. Or you could also just put another modded empty case on top of your Mac Pro case over the rad. I know, I know, this maybe isn't your point, but I think you should really try to stay with that awesome design the Mac Pro has. Although I can imagine, that you've become tired of it. Looking forward to see your progress! /Thath0r
  13. Uhmm, I think the Mac Pro is taller than the G5, so the Sides would be to small.
  14. Thath0r

    MAC PRO Case Mod

    I have to admit... This looks terrible. Although functionality for sure is another point. Functionality: , Appearance: At least, you did everything very clean. So it just looks kinda special and no longer like a real Mac Pro but then I think that was actually your idea, right? Anyway, nice work, the result is a little bit..uhmm..questionable (from my point of view, but I'm sure you disagree) /Thath0r