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  1. VoodooPowerMini 1.2.4 for 10.6.x

    Is there a difference, feature-wise, to the old non-mini versions?
  2. 10.6.2 Released!

    Updated an hour ago. I also got KP'ed when booting in x64 mode, because of the Geforce7200GS. 32-bit mode is fine, tough. I'm currently using the old 10.6.1 Nvidia kexts to be able to boot in 64-bit mode. I wish there was a way to make the new kexts working for my card. I wonder, are Geforce 8xxx/9xxx generally working without KP in x64?
  3. 64bit p-state

    Hey, I still encounter cursor jumping when the tool changes the Pstate. Interval is set to 250ms. Did anyone else encounter this problem?
  4. 64bit p-state

    Thanks, I already found a similar application, called Dockless On another note... I get a 'hanging' mouse cursor whenever the Pstate changes. The cursor stays in its place and jumps to the actual position where it's supposed to be shortly afterwards (after the timer interval? Already set it to 250ms, but it doesn't seem to help). Also, the memory usage is quite hefty, uses 300Mb after running nonstop for 3 days. Doesn't really concern me, since I have 8GB of RAM, but others may feel different. Apart from that, no problems so far, no crashes, etc. Quite a nice tool
  5. 64bit p-state

    hnak, can you modify the app so that it doesn't show the CPU graph in the dock, or best, doesn't show up at all? The graph is quite ugly, and I do not like moving things in my dock. I searched for a way to hide apps there, but Google wasn't particularly helpful. Maybe you can make this behaviour optional, for those that like a CPU graph in their dock
  6. 64bit p-state

    My system can sleep, and as you quoted, we use the same MB... I will post a list of my kexts and further configuration when I get home this afternoon, so that we can set up your system for sleep
  7. 64bit p-state

    Works quite well with my E6600 and Snow Leopard, thanks! I found out that CPU-X doesn't show the correct CPU frequency when this tool does set the CPU to a lower P-state, e.g. PStateChanger shows 1600Mhz (lowest PState), but CPU-X always shows 2400Mhz (stock freq). This was not the case with VoodooPower and CPU-X under Leopard. Did someone else observe this behaviour? And, might it somehow be possible to add more PStates with this tool? And of course... a toolbar app would be _very_ nice!
  8. Thanks for your reply I will keep an eye on this thread. Unfortunately, the 2GB barrier is a major deal breaker for me, I have 8GB.
  9. Any luck so far running Snow Leopard on this board? I'm considering buying one of these... but they are quite expensive, too expensive to buy first and ask questions later
  10. Sounds like a good idea. If I go this route, I could install off an Macbook Pro to an external drive and then put it in the hack. Please let me know about your success!
  11. Hey, anyone got a SL install running on a board with 9400m chipset? I'm really thinking of ditching my current board and graphics card for one of these, mainly because of power consumption. I did not find such a board in the wiki HCL.
  12. I think I figured it out. It seems like my 24" Yuraku TFT is somehow broken. I tried the PC w/ the 8800GTS with another monitor, works fine... With the Yuraku, it didn't even want to boot. I then tried the Yuraku with my notebook's DVI out. It was recognized as non-PnP monitor by Win7, so I couldn't use its native resolution. Worked fine a few weeks ago... Looks like the TFT also flashed my graphics card I'm now writing an angry e-mail to the manufacturer, I'll have them repair it or send me a new one. Crazy {censored}...
  13. Well, I could try to flash it with a Tesla bios It was recognized as a Tesla C870 iirc. But I'd rather have video output than doing GPGPU computing Still wondering how this all got so messed up... I never flashed the card before, and the PC was very stable, save for the last weeks.
  14. okay, I figured it out I believe. Plugged the 8800GTS in another PC together with an old PCI graphics card to get video output. The Geforce was recognized as a Tesla card... so this already told me that something weird was going on. It seems that the DeviceID somehow got messed up. Anyways, I flashed the original video bios with nvflash, and the card was recognized correctly and was in a working state again. It still doesn't work on the original Asus board where I had the problems So yes, it seems like the mainboard is messed up. It still doesn't boot, even with an PCI graphics card. I think I'll have to get a new one...
  15. Hi, I had a weird experience regarding SL the last week. At the beginning of the week, my hackintosh didn't want to boot up properly, I would not get any display output, just the graphics card fan (nvidia 8800GTS / G80) running at full speed the whole time. The system seemed to hang at that stage, I didn't get any BIOS beeps or the system booting in the background. Okay I thought, it's a G80 and I'm not the first one who has the problem of being left with a G80 card with bricked video BIOS (I think that's the problem, after googling a bit). I then resorted to a nvidia 7200GS, which worked fine for a week or so. Then, the same happened. No display output, no POST. Can't tell about the fan speed, since it's fanless. So far, both cards also refuse to work in any other PCs. I would have understood about the G80 breaking because of all the heat it produces, etc. But the 7200GS worked for YEARS in another PC without a single problem. This all happened just in time after I installed Snow Leopard, the G80 worked for maybe a week before breaking down. I haven't done anything particular special about this SL install, but I used fassl's automatic DSDT patcher. I'm not sure if a custom DSDT can cause such permanent problems? Nothing else was changed at this particular system, esp. not hardware-wise. See my sig for specs. I'll change to a nvidia 6200TC later, if this also breaks, I'm out of stock on nvidia cards :/ I'll try to re-flash the 'broken' cards' video BIOS with nvflash and see if I can get them to work again...