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  1. ATI Radeon HD 4650 - any support QE/CI?

    Hello, I have a HIS 4670 with dual dvi output. (1002:9490) I'm working perfectly fine with a single monitor on DVI (no dongle). But 2nd monitor is not detected at all. The only "boot" that works for me is this one from netkas: http://netkas.org/?p=284 -> "You will need – a beta booter with GraphicsEnabler support for those card and drivers for osx" (this comment was from 2009) If I want to try Dual Monitor, what should I do? Should I edit ati.c? On PC_EFI I have this for my board: { 0x10029490, "Peregrine"} , But on Chameleon I have this: { 0x10029490, "Motmot"} , Any ideas about where should I start?
  2. I used to have Leopard installed on my Dell XPS m1210. Everything (except USB) used to work perfectly, including wi-fi. I had to change the HD for a larger one (500gb) and I have bought an original copy of Snow Leopard that I’m using on my Desktop Hackintosh. For now I can only find tutorials about how to install “Leopard” on it, but I was willing to use my original copy of Snow Leopard instead of downloading those hacked distributions of Leopard. Anyone have already tried to install SL on a Dell XPS m1210?
  3. Hello all, Anyone tried to install Snow Leopard on Dell XPS m1210? I had Leopard some time ago. Running with pretty much everything including wifi.
  4. What will it take to get the 46xx cards to work with 10.6.2

    Well, my card have dual dvi output. I changed the dvi cable to the other output and... It works! Amazing! There's probably something wrong with the default output of this card: Differences between the iMac internal card and regular PC ones.
  5. What will it take to get the 46xx cards to work with 10.6.2

    I Fixed my kexts and now I have a pretty BLACK screen! Marvelous... Im using DVI output and nothing. And I also don't have anything to plug on the HDMI port... #$@$@##$@$#@$#@! Thats SO frustrating
  6. What will it take to get the 46xx cards to work with 10.6.2

    Thanks. I think theres a possibility that I changed all ATI* kexts that were there after my 10.6.2 upgrade for the ones that came in my original SL DVD (probably 10.6.0): i.e. ATIRadenX2000.kext Would you (or someone) send me all the ATI* original kexts from 10.6.2? Best Regards *PS* Not only the ones that I can take from netkas, all of them: ATIRadeonX2000 and etc...
  7. What will it take to get the 46xx cards to work with 10.6.2

    Well, Im having a different problem (I can only boot in safe mode: -x -v -x32): Anyone knows why this error happens? And, related to devid, by looking at this from netkas website: "4670 doesnt need adding devid to kexts." So, theres no need for that, right?
  8. Thanks. I'll try that link at night (@work now). Some points: 1) That ES2L kit is for the Gigabyte G31, not the G41. 1.1) Where those kits came from? Is there a place where I can check to see if someone created one for my G41 MOBO? 1.2) Anyway, it should be much closer (as you said) than the installation method that I was using 2) I have a Radeon 4670. So, I think I need to use netkas stuff. At this point I have: 2.1) A "boot" file that he made specially for 4[3-6]xx Radeons 2.2) Some kexts (ATI4500Controller.kext, ATI4600Controller.kext, ATI4800Controller.kext, ATIFramebuffer.kext and ATISupport.kext) 2.3) AFAIK, I'll need to change the boot file with this one, as well as include the ATI4600Controller.kext inside my pen drive in /System/Library/Extensions or /Extra/Extensions (if it exists) 2.4) Do I really need these files from 2.3? Installation should be supported on a generic resolution without them, right? 3) About the DSDT file, NP, I'll do my own. I'll read whatever it needs to create a good one, but what exactly that is? and, do I need it during installation or just after 1st boot? 3.1) If I need it for installation, where should I place it? Best Regards!!!!
  9. Found this: Same behavior. Then, I took netkas special "boot" file for 46xx and added the strings to com.apple.boot.plist Now, it seems to hang on another part: anyone can help?
  10. Still not even installing on my G41M-ES2L. Followed this tutorial: http://lifehacker.com/5351485/how-to-build...start-to-finish Boot was stuck at some point. Then I found this topic (this one) and tried the kexts plus the kextcache commands on single user. It was stuck here: AppleRTL8169Ethernet: Ethernet address: <my mac address> Then I tried to follow completely the steps on this tutorial (using my pen drive): Kernel Panic. Then I reverted to the original "boot" So, am I doing something wrong? I bought this MOBO because I thought it would be perfect under osx. At least I saw it on psystar website as being fully compatible... Could be something in my BIOS settings? It's the F3 version. Could it be something with my recently supported Radeon HD 4670? I tried booting with the new "boot" from netkas. Same behavior, just a different resolution during the verbose messages... Someone can plz help me? Im starting to have no new ideas.
  11. [SOLVED]Detailed Info on RADEON HD 4670 PRO Driver

    I have one too. It only works with the VESA driver, so, you'll always get slow 1024x768 output. Anyway, what really pisses me off, is that it's really shouldn't be that hard to build this driver based on the 48x0 one. BUT (and this seems to be normal at the hackintosh community) it's virtually impossible to find real documentation about the process: debugging information, disassembled drivers, drivers process flow and etc. All you can find is some "for dummies" tutorials like: click on applications, open utilities, open terminal. When you see a white window, use your keyboard to type "nano /usr/..." Argh! Or some stupid fellows that: "Wait for 10.5.xxxxxxxxx" or "Wait for snow leopard" just based on what?
  12. Radeon HD4670

    Thats it... new version shipped to developers and for all of us, 4670 owners, another sad windows day...
  13. Radeon HD4670

    I knew that 4670 was not supported before I bought mine, but I needed a card that could take all the energy it needs directly from the pci-e slot, instead of using another 12v rail. My first option was 4850, but... Anyway. The 1st guy says that he found an explicit reference to 4670 on the update. And you say that it's not working because is not supported YET by framebuffers. What that mean? 1) Apple is supporting (on the next leopard release) 4670, but a different version? 2) You say yet. What's that? ATI, Apple or maybe one of the hackintosh community coders are working on something? is there hope in the future? (short future)? --> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Framebuffer
  14. Radeon HD 4830 is supported?

    Too bad. It's a cheap and powerful card. Assuming that it should be supported on 10.6 (maybe on newer iMacs or something), the kext could be used with 10.5?
  15. Radeon HD 4830 is supported?

    Short question: Radeon HD 4830 is supported? Can I get that?